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What is the most expendable award to you?

Asked by Brian1946 (23294points) January 18th, 2013

It’s my understanding that, All of the attendance awards have been broken for ages.

If it was your choice, what award(s) would you rather see broken?

My choice would be the Perfecto-fish.

Please do not construe this as a request that it be removed. It’s just that if it stopped working, I’d still have the will to go on living. ;-)

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I don’t mean this to be flippant. Honestly, all of them are expendable.

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Yeah, I don’t give a rats ass about any of them.

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I’ve wondered why there are Fluther awards, and whether anyone really pays attention.

Are they like Skee-Ball tickets, to be redeemed for a hula hoop or fuzzy dice?

Do they enhance my Permanent Record, which I heard about during the 1st grade but have never understood in the least?

(I’m just having some fun here, guys!)

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I like the longevity ones. I would like to see one for Anniversary dates.

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There are awards for the same reason there is lurve. It’s all for good fun but at the end of the day it all means nothing. Even Fluther itself is expendable. If it disappeared, we’d all continue with our lives and move elsewhere. But, yeah, the whole thing is fun. That said, that Perfecto Fish is something else. I’d like to see a Perseverance Award.

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The Grammy’s! They have sucked for years!

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I did go hunting for the Cake in the Frizzer and the like. It took me ages to get the Oliver Twist. I usually tried to find these while in major procrastination mode. I would get rid of the Robot one. I have never been able to get that and apparently it doesn’t work anyway! Also, the old-timer. I think that one is nigh on impossible to get too.

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All of them, but particularly the secret ones. How is it an award that you “earned ” if you haven’t the foggiest notion what you did to achieve that dubious honor?

Earning anything implies conscious effort so it’s impossible to purposely achieve smething with zero knowledge of it’s requirements. .

You didn’t earn it if it just showed up on your doorstep one fine day. You acquired it by accident basically.

You didn’t achieve it. You accidented it.

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Perfecto-fish. More than one third of all my responses have “earned” them. I get the point but am not ashamed—so what’s wrong with fixing spelling, grammar, & diction post-posting? Wait, let me rephrase that…

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The Mylar-bladder award.


That is just a question.

Never mind.

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