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Would getting some marketing experience as an internship be worth it in the long run?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 19th, 2013

I’m going for a degree in Art with an emphasis on multi-media. I have an offer to intern at a marketing company. I think it’ll look good on a resume, since it deals closely with website traffic and it might help me land some graphic design jobs as a website or logo maker sometime. What do you think?

Relevant or irrelevant.

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It’s a good idea if you can afford it. It looks good on your resume because people see that you are familiar with how the business works. And you will be exposed to the real world of delivering a product to a client.

If you take it, ask to be included and helping out, you don’t want to waste your time with grunt tasks and getting coffee. (Although that is part of being an intern!)

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Also! @zenvelo

Although there is an offer on the table I will still be submitting a resume. What are some ideas for filling out my Objective section? Here’s my idea.


To gain the necessary skills required in todays marketing industry from a prestigious company

(ok so that sounds a bit lacking but it was a 15 second thought)

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Yes, absolutely. You will learn things that will be of use to you no matter what field you wind up in. Personally, I think interning in any business or industry is beneficial, even if one doesn’t eventually go into that field. And… having it on your resume shows prospective employers you have ambition and gives you more to talk about in an interview.

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Hands-on experience is always valuable on your resume. The work I have done in many different roles helped me to get the job I do now and some of that earlier work was voluntary. Also, it brings you into contact with people in the workforce who may become future mentors. Pick the brains of those you work with. Keep in contact with them. As you get close to finishing your degree or when you are looking for more work experience, ask them for references and for guidance about how to get a job. They may know a great organisation that’s looking for you.

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You can show any work experience you want as relevant. It all depends on how you write the resume, cover letter, or talk about it. Baby sitting can be executive management experience, art experience, graphic design experience, or construction experience, depending on what you did with the kids. I’m exaggerating a little, but not much. Any experience can be related to the job you really want, and should be. If you want the experience, take the internship.

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Yes it is, I started a fantastic career this way. Just saying, I know you are doing Art, but another bow to your arrow. Or is it arrow to your bow, can never recall.

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It might help you make some good connections with people that can help you with more art related positions in the future. Sometimes it’s not the actual experience that’s valuable, but the people you meet and the opportunities they can introduce to you.

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