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In what ways are Republicans and Democrats solidly united as all Americans?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23203points) January 21st, 2013

Watching President Obama’s inauguration, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of this country and its people. Must be the songs…and that poem. : )

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Love of country.

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One President, one constitution, one country, one flag.

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They both make for some great stereotypes?

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That it’s our responsibility to fight for what we believe in.

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They all think it’s important to say “God Bless America.”

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They tend to be tall, rich, white men.

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The children? Not ‘illegal’ ones, though – repubs don’t care about those. And some dems, too.

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I think all but the true sociopaths on either side want a better world for our children. We want the US to remain safe and secure for us to live in. Most of us want to be able to live in peace and to do well. We’d like to see our country stay prominent in the world, and help lead less free nations toward freedom and the rule of law.

We may differ on details of how to do those things, but I think the goals are pretty universal.

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Wanting America to be an exemplary democracy that other countries can learn from.

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