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How would you go about storing a bean bag chair so bugs and dust don't get on it?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) January 21st, 2013

Are there boxes big enough for a bean bag chair? I could probably use an old blanket to wrap it up in but are there other ways to wrap and store a bean bag chair?

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What about the largest garbage bags you can find.

As an alternative (this might be overkill) you can go to Walmart or Target and get a large blue tarp – fairly heavy plastic fiber, water resistant, thick and protective.

Costs about $12 for a 12×12 foot tarp. Put the beanbpag chair in the middle and wrap it around. Tie string around it to hold in place.

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What about emptying the beanbag, storing the beans in a large plastic (or otherwise) bag and depending on what material the beanbag is made from, wash it or wipe it, fold it up and store it away somewhere appropriate, that’s certainly what I would do. My parents had several beanbag chairs back in the 1970s, they were made from corduroy fabric, they had a large zip underneath to allow the beans to be emptied and fabric to be washed, I came home one day and found my father naked in the bath, up to his armpits in beans.

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A blanket, a sheet, a large plastic bag, or a large sheet of plastic. A shower curtain. A tarpaulin. Anything large and flexible that doesn’t allow dust in.

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A large plastic trash bag tied shut should keep out both bugs and dust. If you really want to keep out bugs twist off the ends and briefly touch the know with a lighter to melt it shut.

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I would put it in a large rubber maid container or large plastic bag.

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