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Do you know anyone who doesn't own a cell phone?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 22nd, 2013

I mean a cell phone of any kind, not just a smartphone. Who do you know? Why don’t they have a cell phone?

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my Mother does not have one, she’s 90

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I keep a cell phone in my vehicle for emergencies; I put 18 minutes on it last year.

We have no kids at home to keep track of anymore, and since we spent the first half of our lives tethered to land lines, we’re comfortable with the old school ways.

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Neither my MIL nor SIL has a cell phone.

Neither one has any technical inclination that I know of, so they rely on my niece for anything more involved than using their land line.

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I have one, but I know several people of various ages who don’t. Reasons vary from expense to wanting to be able to escape the pressure to take calls whenever and wherever.

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Same as @DrBill , my 89 year old mother.

I guy in my bike club is about 70, has no cell and has no email, doesn’t own a computer.

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Me. The proud untethered. Don’t need one, don’t want one and don’t get reception in my zone for the most part anyway. Can’t miss what you don’t have.

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I don’t. I had one once for 2 years. I used it 3 times just to see if it worked. I would forget between times how it worked and had to look it up in the instruction book. Then it was stolen from my car. I decided I really didn’t need it, so I didn’t replace it. I’ve never been much of a phone talker. There have been a couple times I wished had one, for convenience, but I got over it.

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I have a six-year old clamshell. I keep it for emergencies in the car (if I am lucky enough to find a signal) and for when the weather brings a tree down on the phone lines during bad storms.

I still can’t remember what the number is.

It costs me $26/month (for 60 minutes) to use it even less than @bossob does.

During the past six years, someone texted me once. It was like losing my virginity.

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Some people actually need a smart phone for their work but I suspect many more people simply buy smart phones for the fun technology that they offer.

I don’t own an activated cell phone because I simply don’t need one. And since I don’t need one I don’t want to spend money on something that I don’t need. Twice in the past 5 years I found super deals on a cell phones that I did take advantage of. They were something like 6 months of cell phone use with100 minutes. I think that I used it to call work 3 times to let them know that I’m stuck in traffic and will be late and one time to pick my wife up at the airport. Also just about all of the phone calls that I get are from people wanting money from me.

I now own an iPad mini just to keep up with the apps and technology that I hear people talk about. I can send e-mails, text messages, skype internet calls and much much more AND there is NO monthly use fee.

$80 to 100 a month for a smart-phone!? HA! FORGETABOUTIT!!!

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Man, why can’t I think of anyone. Even my grandma has a cell phone….I think my dad-in-law doesn’t.

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I barely know anybody without a Facebook, for crying out loud…

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I haven’t had a cell phone for 2½ years now. In my current situation, I can’t really afford to pay for a cell phone every month. Instead, I use an iPod touch and GoogleVoice. There’s wifi almost everywhere I go, and with Messages and the Google Voice app, I can text or email anyone. If anyone calls me, Google transcribes the voicemail to text, emails it to me, and I can email or text them back. If I really need to, I can usually find a place where I can pull out my laptop and call them. Or in an emergency, chances are that someone else nearby has a cell phone that I could use.

Do I miss having a cell phone sometimes? Yes.
Does GoogleVoice have bad connectivity sometimes? Yes.
Do I enjoy not paying $50+/month for a cell phone that I don’t really need? Yes.

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No one in the UK has a “cell” phone, we call them mobiles over here see.

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I don’t have one, and don’t plan to get one either. I have a landline, but no one has the number, it is just there for the internet.

I just don’t like them, I value my privacy, I don’t want to be easy to find, and I find the little ringing things to be highly annoying and rude, not to mention that they literally control peoples some lives.

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I found the answers here amazing! I also think it is amazing most of you don’t have them. The buggers should be banned.

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Wow – I’m trying to think of someone, just one person, whom I know doesn’t have a phone. Maybe a childhood friend of mine whose parents don’t trust her, for good reason. I can, however, think of several people who rely solely on their cell phones, and don’t have landlines.

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My husband does but I don’t. I hate them and think their disruptive. I can be accessed via phone or email all day every day, except for a brief ride home, so why pay a monthly fee. It bothers me and seems invasive.

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A friend of mine, who is in her early 50’s (so, not elderly, I know a number of elderly people without a mobile but that doesn’t really surprise me) doesn’t have one. She has a landline and that’s it. Whenever I go to her house I can never get a signal and I wonder if it is the same with all networks or just the one I am on. If it is all networks then I understand that it would be pointless for her to have a phone.

Personally, I can understand a lot of the reasons why people hate them but, as I live alone and often travel long distances alone, I wouldn’t be without mine. The only time I ever see public phone boxes now is in the cities.

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