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Should Fluther create an app for smartphones?

Asked by OrganicQuotes (52points) January 15th, 2010

I have an Android phone and I’m sure many of you have an iphone, android, symbian, blackberry, palm, etc…phone. So my question is, would you want and/or use an app on your cell phone if Fluther created one? I really think they should and I wanna see how many others agree. Maybe this will spark some interest in fluther to develop one for all of us!

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There is a Fluther app for iPhone already. However, I access Fluther through a browser page rather than the app due to limited functionality with the app.

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Ummm. Do you know how hard it is to support apps on devices other than a iPhone? Some have keyboards and some use a touch screen. All the damn screen sizes are different too. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

There is a iPhone app, it is free but it sucks. is way better.

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Any idea when (or if) they ever plant to update the app and perhaps correct the “suckiness” issue? Just curious.

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Hmmm…didnt know there was an iPhone app…Whoopsie! lol

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Most of the time I use the I Phone App – it is a bit Ltd, but the main functions are there.
I found it via another App called Taptu where you can search for things made for the I Phone.

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@johnpowell on Android the screen resolution is almost completely irrelevant, all units are declared in terms of a system unit that is related to the pixel density, etc

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@gggritso :: I’m talking more about CSS since all a Fluther app would do is be a wrapper of the webpage. That is all the iPhone one is with a few added buttons. It is super easy in XCode to say load this URI in a window and render it with WEBKIT. Like 15 lines of code easy.

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@johnpowell Oh. In my mind a Fluther app would not be just a wrapper, it would be tailored specifically for a mobile device…

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the weirdest thing about the fluther app is it just seems to be loading the ifluther pages, but takes AGES to so… must try harder.

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I just tried to post a question using the app… It didn’t send it. Bloody app. Deleted.

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