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Uti didn't go away after antibiotics what to do ?

Asked by winnie0990 (51points) January 23rd, 2013

Got my first uti almost a 2 weeks ago. I am in my early 20’s. I was prescribed antibiotics. It seemed to be going away but the last 2 days into the 7 day dose it seemed to be coming back. So , 2 days after I finished the meds I took an at home uti test. First one came up positive for a utI but second test came up a possible trace. I don’t have insurance or the money to pay for more doctor visits and testing. Is there anything I can do! ?

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I had a uti once, it was more annoying than anything else. All ya gotta do is drink plenty of water, and a fair amount of cranberry juice or something similar (it’s a good diuretic). Avoid coffee, alcohol and sodas, although a little bit in moderation is okay.

Be very conscious of cleansing and hygiene, shower before bed (even if you usually do in the morning) and wear clean pj’s or whatever. Don’t do dumb stuff like wear dirty underwear or flush the toilet while you’re still sitting on it (even as a ‘courtesy flush’.). Basically keep things very clean down there.

It might take a week or two but should go away. If it doesn’t head to an urgent care clinic instead of a specific doctor, and the lack of insurance might not be as much of a barrier.

I’m not a doctor, this is take-or-leave advice with only ideas that worked for me.

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Uti’s can turn to kidney infection and can go septic. I hate that it costs so much to be treated for something like this but you really do need to try a different antibiotic. Your infection might be resistant to the antibiotic you took. It is cheaper to go to the doctor and take care of it now than to go to the ER with a kidney infection. I so wish we had universal health care!

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I am not inferring that this is how you got it, but it is very good sexual practice to shower or in some way bathe after sex. Especially if you may end up having sex again before your regular bathing/showering time (IE if you have sex in the morning after showering and then again that night before your next regular shower the following morning, you are more prone to UTI’s).

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Are you allergic to sulfa medications? If no, sulfa’s often a better and more effective choice for a UTI.

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Thanks for the advice. I haven’t been having intercourse since I started taking the meds. So I know it’s not that and I shower and change underwear daily. Also the whole wipe from front to back thing. And its so frustrating not having money to take care of it. Also, if I don’t have a regular health care provider where are you supposed to go?

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I know I’m allergic to bactrim which I think has sulfa’s in it.

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@winnie0990 I hope you’re not suffering? There are some over-the-counter analgesics that target urinary tract pain and are really quite effective (Uristat is one brand).

Do you use a diaphragm for birth control? If yes, that might be your answer. A diaphragm can sit awkwardly and obstruct normal urinary functions. Also, diaphragms are used with spermicides that can kill the protective bacteria “down there” and increase the growth bacteria that cause UTI’s.

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Nope no birth control. Ive heard drinking plenty of water and taking cranberry pills can help but then some say only antibiotics can cure one. I guess if there’s anyone who has cured one at home let me know what you did to do so.

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My mom is prone to UTI’s. When she feels it coming on, she buys a bag of fresh, frozen cranberries and makes herself smoothies with as much cranberry as she can stomach, with some apples, yogurt, and/or honey to sweeten it up. Cranberry juice is the next best thing, but since it’s often diluted with water or other fruit juice, or artificially sweetened, it’s usually too hard to find and too expensive that way. Good luck!

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to do that.

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Have you considered calling the doctor (who wrote you the first prescription) and asking if he can just write you another prescription for a different drug, without a visit? If he’s already seen you, you took the medication exactly as directed, and are still having the same symptoms – he might just write you another script without a costly visit.

Might be worth a try.

Also, if you are a student (Just a thought due to the age) most schools have cheap, if not free health centers where they prescribe this stuff all the time. Or maybe look for a free health clinic. Most cities/counties have these services if you do not have insurance.

A lot of people swear by cranberries and other dietary changes… but their efficacy is debatable. If it is an infection that resisted a course of antibiotics, it can be pretty dangerous. As others have said, you don’t want it to travel to other parts of your body, or into your blood stream.

Bactrim is sulfa – so you’re right to stay away from it! Pharm student here – wondering what they prescribed you the first time, if you don’t mind sharing? It’s scary how many doctors prescribe drugs that are inappropriate choices for a given condition.

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I went to a minute clinic and they said to follow up with my health care provider which I don’t currently have. But should I contact the minute clinic anyways? And she prescribed me nitrofurantoin macrocrystals-monohydrate 100 mg. That’s what the paper says.

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That is one of the first-line agents. There are other options, however, including some common medications like Cipro (which, depending where you live are often eligible for generic programs. In PA, OH, WV – GiantEagle sells it for $4) I’dl try calling the MinuteClinic. I’m sure they’ll have a record of your visit, and hopefully be understanding of your financial situation.

Also, are you still having symptoms of the UTI? Or are you mostly worried because of the test results?

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Still have the symptoms they where going away but came back 5 days into treatment. Very frustrating! And thanks so much for your advice. About to call them. Hopefully they’ll be able to help.

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Hey @winnie0990, welcome to Fluther. That’s a bummer that this keeps coming back. I don’t really have much to add to the good advice here, but I used to get them a lot and cranberry really does work. You can find AZO brand cranberry pills at most drug stores, that always did the trick for me. Best of luck to you, as others have said, a UTI can turn into a bladder or kidney infection pretty quickly. I really hope the clinic can help you.

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Thanks! I picked up a product called Cystex Cranberry Liquid Supplement. Hopefully it helps a little since I can’t get to the doctors just yet. The clinic said they can’t do a culture there. So, ill either have to go to the E.R. or a regular doctor. :-/

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@winnie0990 Good luck! Hopefully it will go away on its own!

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