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About a month ago, the Moon was enormous, but only for two hours. Why?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) January 23rd, 2013

I remember on the way to my grandparent’s house about a month ago, my mom, brother and I saw the moon bigger than we have EVER seen it. It was golden colored and it seemed SO SO SO SO close. I honestly don’t think you guys would believe me if I tried to tell you how big it was. But after we left my grandparent’s house after 2 hours, it looked a lot smaller and was a lot higher in the sky. Why did this happen?

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It’s an optical illusion and no one really knows why it happens.

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Aw thats disappointing.
Oh well. Thanks for your answer!

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I think it’s interesting that everyone from Aristotle and Ptolmy to modern day astronomers have thought about this issue, and no one has a theory that sticks.

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If you hold your arm out and measure it with a ruler, it will be exactly the same size on the horizon and up in the sky.

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I would say optical illusion, no other explanation seems viable especially since it was noticed by a small group of people.

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The optical illusion is based (at least in part) on the the fact that near the horizon, the moon is seen against a backdrop of distant objects such as trees and buildings, When it’s higher in the sky, on the other hand, it seems smaller (even though the disk still subtends about ½ a degree across) because it’s more isolated in a big sky with no contrasting visual cues.

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It was in its closest point to the Earth for the year. Check the asteorology events of the year.

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It always looks bigger those times when it’s very low on the horizon because you can compare it to things here on Earth like a building in the foreground or something so it seems enormous. But that beautiful baby is always the same size

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