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What's the difference between a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7794points) January 24th, 2013

If I’m not mistaken, with a Bluetooth keyboard you do not have to be in the range of a WiFi router, right?
But with a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard, do you have to be near a WiFi signal?

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As far as I knpw its about the underlying thechonogy, bluetooth is one kind, creating more of a very local network between to devices with added security , while The 2.4ghz operate on standard radio waves..

I am by no means an expert on these things, so this is just the things I have been told.
Also with the .24.ghz I dont belive it have anything to do with a wi-fi signal, other than the one for the sender used with the device.

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I’m just guessing, but I think since it is a keyboard, it has to be within a certain distance of the computer that is generating the signal. It has nothing to do with wifi. Other than that, it’s just 2 different bandwidths for the signal. the 2.4ghz is a bandwidth that is used by cordless phones, so if you have a phone in the house that uses that bandwidth, there could be trouble.

Bluetooth signals travel about 8 feet. Or at least, that was what the manual for my bluetooth printer said. And when you think about it, your bluetooth phone isn’t going to be more than a few feet from your earphone or your car when tethered to them.

But bluetooth and 2.4ghz both require that the keyboard be within a few feet of the computer that is generating the signal, I expect. And they have nothing to do with wifi. That’s just an educated guess, though.

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Wifi keyboards set up a direct connection and form an ad-hoc network with no router required.

@wundayatta Bluetooth is short-ranged. I generally don’t trust it to make a reliable connection much past about 5 feet. Wifi has enough range for me to use the keyboard from the couch.

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A bluetooth keyboard will work with most bluetooth equipped systems. Wireless keyboard will need its corresponding USB tranceiver plugged in to the system you work on. If the USB tranceiver gets lost, your wireless keyboard becomes one big paperweight.
Most bluetooth are rated at 30 ft operating range and are unaffected by other electronic radiowaves….2.4 ghz wireless keyboard can get interference from microwave oven, wireless phones and other remote controlled toys.

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Thank you, @njnyjobs @jerv @wundayatta and @Staalesen. I guess I was confusing WiFi with wireless. Now it is all clear, thanks to you all. I appreciate that.

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