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Does North Carolina have southern hospitality?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) January 24th, 2013 from iPhone
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Oh, it’s definitely the south, I assure you. It just happens to be north of South Carolina.

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I’m not completely convinced southern hospitality exists anywhere. I live in South Carolina and people can be just as rude here as anywhere else. The difference is that many of them hide their rudeness behind a mask of politeness. I can see right through it, and I’d rather them cut the act and just be the assholes they are.

As for North Carolina, it depends on where you go. Charlotte is probably the least “southern” place in the Southeast, apart from Atlanta. The smaller towns are more of what you’d expect in the South, but don’t expect Mayberry unless you’re in a VERY small town.

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I had a friend who used to be the Director of Admissions at Duke (a pretty civilized community on the surface). He recounted having had a cocktail party and after his guests had left, finding a card on the hall table that read, ” You have been visited by a member of the Klan.”

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@gailcalled : HARROWING! I had no idea that they did that.

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There is a price for everything.

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Well, bless your heart.

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^^^..You think I didn’t feel that shiv enter between my ribs?

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in comparison to Northern cities the south is a bit more community oriented, sure you have nimrods and racists but there are legitimately hospitable people.

I’ve been to Charlotte at UNC/chapel hill and little small Towns, they seem a little less professional and more endearing than their northern counterparts thus I’d have to say yes

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Well, I always say the south has a little bit of nice to your face going on, and I think that defnitely exists in NC.

When I lived in Raleigh, NC people were nice, many geniuinely nice people, but I always felt a little wierdness there. I went back recently, actually I stayed in Pinehurst, about an hour outside of Raleigh. At an amazing brunch at the Carolina hotel, spent times with friends. The pace still feels wierd to me. All the waiters were black, all the people eating brunch were white, except for one token couple. It has a vary “southern” feeling, but it is a reminder of the old south. I am not saying everyone there is racist, not at all, but I don’t know, just odd. At the same time, the Chapel Hill area and Charlotte are supposed to be fairly liberal and a big mix of people from many different states.

I think it depends how you are defining hospitality to be honest. Are you talking about the stranger on the street saying hello as he walks by? How often people offer help when people are in need? If people socialize a lot? Do neighbors welcome you when you move in? Do people actively try to make you feel at home if you are new in town? If they let you in when you signal change lanes on the road? Do the restaurants and shops offer good service? What exactly are you asking about?

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