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Could you give me feedback on a website?

Asked by phaedryx (6129points) October 24th, 2012

I’m working on it with a couple of friends:

I’m particularly interested in what you like or don’t like, and any features you think it is missing.


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Rather than comment on the site’s concept, I’ll give you some minor things I noticed:

- Some of the quotes have sources. Others don’t. I would make the source a requirement.
– I had a difficult time finding the “Search Quotes” box.
– Is this specifically designed to as a place to find quotes to push to Twitter? The “button” that does this doesn’t indicate what will happen. I expected to have choices (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc).
– I like the simplicity and minimal design (it also seems that responsive design was a consideration). However, I am not a fan of the greens that are used. Just a personal preference.
– The like (heart) doesn’t appear to work.
– The “My Likes” link doesn’t appear to do anything either.
– The “My Tags” link doesn’t appear to do anything.
– I’m not sure what – if anything – “Follow” button does.
– If I search for quotes, I am able to sort by “Top Quotes” or “Recent Quotes”. However, I see no indication how many “likes” each quote has. I also don’t see a quote date. So, I can assume that the quote sort ranking is correct, but can’t confirm it. I’d probably like to see both of those things on each quote card.
– Can you search for tags? Will all tags be listed in the “Trending Tags” section in the sidebar? If not, how can I follow a tag?
– I clicked “Add Quote” and then “Cancel”. I received “Quote was created successfully” message and was shown a blank quote. I can get to these quotes by clicking “my quotes”. Both are empty.
– What does it mean to follow another user (click the “Follow” button next to their avatar)? Is there a way to see who I am following? See their cards, etc?
– When I was on the “Quote was created successfully” page, there was a “Follow” button next to my avatar. I’m assuming this means that I can follow myself.

Anyway, those are some initial thoughts.

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“Relevance”, not “Relevancy”.

Use “Newest”, not “Recency” (which isn’t even a word).

Aside from that, I didn’t see that the links actually did anything, although it wasn’t a very exhaustive examination.

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- When in edit mode, the submit button reads “Add Quote.”
– There does not appear to be a way to delete a quote.

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Yeah, we hacked it out in 48 hours, so we know it is pretty rough still. We’re going to start fixing things this weekend, so I really appreciate the feedback.

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There is northing that jumps out telling me why this site is different to another quote site, or why I should or need to sign up.

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It hasn’t got any pictures, so wont keep my attention. Sorry!!

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@Shippy what kind of pictures would you expect?

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I completely disagree about pictures. The minimalist picture-free design is definitely the way to.

Also, very minor, but the z-order of the pagination needs some adjustment. When scrolling, the tweet button/link covers the numbers in the pagination strip.

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I don’t like the site but that’s not important as I think it is a great idea. I would add sources for the quotations and an index for authors and subjects. That will make the site more authoritative and useful, especially if you include a search function.

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I’m confused as to what the point of the website is. What do you mean “find and document” quotes? Is this for researchers? Who needs to find and document quotes? People who play Quizzo?

Why would I use this place? I don’t get it.

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this site loooks clean and doesnt have any annoyng ads or such anywhere i can see. where you have the trending tags on the left i think it would look more professional if they we alphabetical, but i like the idea of your website. Im sure it took a lot of work so good job! Just be sure you’re not plagurising. Personally i would state my sources on where i found the quotes.

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Similar to Wundy, I also don’t get it.

If I need an accurate authoritative quote on any subject or am trying to remember a particular phrase or quote, I simply head over to

Unless a site has something to top it, I basically wouldn’t waste my time. And Bartleby has been around long enough for most people to have it at the top of their list simply because of their sheer volume and accuracy of sources.

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All quotation sites are limited but this one need not be. As I understand it readers can input their own favourite quotations by their own favourite authors so the site will quickly include lots of unfamiliar quotations by writers we have never heard of before. This might be a weakness in terms of quality but will be more than made up for in variety. Who knows, even quotations from Fluther might find their way there. It has tremendous potential to my mind.

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@phaedryx I like graphics or color. It’s just me, it holds my attention. I do like the site it’s clean looking. But I would put graphics in behind some parts.

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I like the way it looks. Nice and easy on the eyes. Plus I think it’s pretty cool that archived quotes are categorized in sections.

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Hey, a few suggestions from my side.

I like your concept (your concept behind the website) but you will have to keep in mind that this can be a success story if you know how to target your audience. I am talking from a visitors point of view. I think you should in a way focus on the points that I am listing below.

1. Website should be desirable. I am talking about the look and feel of the website, therefore you should have a very desiring landing or homepage. This homepage should talk about your concept as well as it should have some pictures. The website should have a nice color scheme/theme to it. The only color you have used is green, add a couple of more colors.

2. Your categories(trending tags) should have icons. For example- Photography can have a small camera icon. There are different website from where you can get these icons or else you can design it by yourself. is one such website from where you can get good icons.

3. You can have a better hover effect on the Sign Up and Sign In button.

That’s all for now.
All the very best!!!

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