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How do you pronounce Springerle?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) January 24th, 2013

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Like springerly.

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Never let an english speaking robot try to pronounce german words. It will never work.

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@ragingloli It pronounces it the way I was taught to pronounce it by the German mother of a former boyfriend.

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And as a German I am telling you it is wrong.

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@ragingloli Fine. You win. But perhaps you should post the correct pronunciation in a phonetic form that is useful, since simply posting it as you did doesn’t provide an understandable answer.

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fine then.
sh- (as in shoe)
pring- (as in wing, the r is not rolling)
er- (as in err, again, no rolling r)
le (as in “let”)

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Google translate will sound it out for you. I’m not sure if this link will work

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That is better, except for the g.

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My grandmother, who made springerle, said spring’er lee, but that may be an Americanized form. If you don’t know, it is a cookie shaped in squares with a raised form in the middle of each, such as a bird, a flower etc. There is a rolling pin with the squares and figures cut into it. You roll the rolling pin over the dough to impress it. When baked they are more white than tan and they are flavored with anise seeds. And they can become very hard to bite.

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This year was the best for springerle in years. The cookies were very soft.

My family has been making them for at least three generations. I think they come down in my wife’s family, too. We have a springerle rolling pin that we got in Amish country, I believe.

Apparently there are multiple pronunciations of springerle. I choose the one that I learned as a child. But if you are new to the cookie, I really can’t help you decide. Go for the one you like the best.

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