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How can I pay a German bill?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) April 26th, 2010

During a holiday in Berlin last week I landed in hospital, and now I’m busy doing the paperwork. I got one bill of €10 directly, and now I’m trying to figure out how to pay it. Can I just give tell my bank to transfer the money from my Dutch bank account to the Konto-Nr. on the bill? Do I have to add any notices?

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Pay with your credit card via phone or website.

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Using a standard bank transfer should suffice. Just make sure to use the bill’s invoice number as the designated purpose.

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pay it with a card give them the number- or pay online if they have a website. I pay bills in Australia with a card it works fine

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Loli! where have you been?

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Use internetbankieren offered by your Dutch bank.

But first: go online and check for an IBAN + BIC/Swift number of your target account (the Geman hospital), or ask them for it.You can use this site.

You may also wire it to me and I’ll forward it for you. Echt waar! ;-)

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Shouldn’t that be a German Wilheim formally?

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@thriftymaid I don’t have a credit card…

@ragingloli I don’t really see an invoice number, I really have no idea which one that would be on a German invoice.

@whitenoise Ah, thank you very much! Apparently internet banking has a “Foreign” tab, and using that website of yours I found out the IBAN and BIC numbers. Unfortunately internet banking also gives an error on the Street+Number field even though there is no such field.

Any idea what would happen if I didn’t pay this right now? Would I get another invoice at home? I’m not quite sure what to put in the description field (on the invoice there’s a Kunden-Referenznummer and a Verwendunszweck and I’m not sure if just retyping those in the description will be enough for them to know this is my bill).

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Use both the Kunden-Referenznummer and the Verwendungszweck and they will know it is your bill.

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@ragingloli I can just point them out in the description? There are no special form fields to enter it, and there isn’t enough room in the description field to also mention what they are.

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There should be a field called designated purpose or something along that meaning where you can enter it (at least on german transfer forms). You do not have to describe what these two are, just enter them as they are.

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Unfortunately there isn’t, just a “description” field.

Luckily, I got a letter yesterday that says I can send a copy of my (soon to arrive) European insurance card, and then they will handle it with my insurer. Assuming that letter is about the same invoice, that is.

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You could just use the description field (onschrijving) and put in the numbers given as Kunden-Referenznummer and the Verwendungszweck. That will work very well.

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