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Should I take this job?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) January 24th, 2013 from iPhone

I am a recent college graduate interested in human resources, administration, and coordinator positions. I have put so many applications out there but hear nothing.

I finally get a call for a position because of my sister. It’s with Morgan Stanley a large company, benefits, and starts off with 16 an hour. The problem is its just a call center so all day I will be taking phone calls and I must have flexible hours and be available every day of the week from 7am-11pm. This means the schedule is not fixed.

I was thinking of taking it since a large company is marketable and also offers opportunities for advancement. My friend said if you do a good job you get into a different department/position pretty quick if you do a good job. Do you guys think if I take this job it may help me out in the longer run??

Right now I can’t find any jobs! I work for my parents whom support me so money is not a desperation. This company will pay me so much more than what I make now.

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It certainly beats working for your parents. Morgan Stanley is a huge international financial operation, and if you need to pay your dues at the call center before moving on to something more interesting, why not?

The money is good.
Give it a try.

( for my parents who support me so I am not desperate for money).

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Well I’m not desperate for money meaning I can still turn down the job while searching for another. Thanks for advice.

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Why not take the job and see where it leads. Perhaps you can search for something more interesting at the same time?

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If it doesn’t work out you can presumably go back to working for your parents, so what do you have to lose? As long as you will be able to keep looking for other work and schedule interviews it will be good for you to have some real work experience. My experience is it is always easier to get work when you have a job than when you do not. Will they give you a schedule in advance at all? It seems totally unreasonable for a company to expect you to be on call from 7am until 11pm every day.

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You’re right. I really hope it’s not often that I work until 11pm lol. Honestly I hate the idea of being on a phone all day but I guess gotta make sacrifices. See where it leads.

it’ll be a huge step to work for a big company. I’ve always worked for small businesses

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Just clarify the work hours first. It’s good to get work experience not to be exploited.

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My mother alwasy says it is not what you know but who you know. If your sister is the in on this position and you do not have other options, I would suggest you jump at it. You can always keep your feelers out for something new.

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It will be good experience for you. The company will get feedback on how you handle customers and there will be room for advancement. I’d take it if I were you.

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Take the job and continue looking for other work. This will give you something to put on your resume and also give you experience.

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Don’t give it a second thought, it seems like a good starting chance!

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Not just “yes” but “Hell Yes!” Think how much better your resume will be when it says: “Employed by Morgan Stanley from Feb. 1, 2013 until present ”

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Upside: income, experience, contacts, will look good on resume, not a commitment to lifetime servitude.

Downside: None

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All of the above are great answers to your question. Check this thread where you can see how people approach different roads because in many cases that’s what was available to them at the time even though it wasn’t in their master plan. Talking about which, your master plan can’t be so rigid. There are a number of paths that will take you to where you ultimately want to get to.

My first impression is that deep inside you don’t see the great an opportunity you are facing in these hard times, hence your apprehension. I loved @LuckyGuy‘s comment Not just “yes” but “Hell Yes!” but it seems to me that’s not your attitude. You already have a problem with the 11pm schedule and you haven’t even started! That doesn’t look like a good start. You remind me of me a few years ago. One of the few regrets that I have in my life is that I rejected a position that was available to me at Merrill Lynch when I had just graduated from university. Up to this day, I still fell I should have taken it.

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Thanks everyone! I think I may give it a chance. Seems it will benefit me later. I just hope I get stuck making calls all day for years! Lol plus I need insurances, too many little things wrong with me and I need doctors haha. Wisdom teeth, heart palpitations, yearly woman check up, etc!

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Guys, what if I find a job I ideally want and I’ve only been at Morgan Stanley for only 2–3 months. Will it look bad on a résumé or to the company for me to just leave on such short employment??

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Give them at least 6 to 9 months. That would only be fair.
When changing jobs you may lose insurance coverage for a while at new job.

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Ok. As long as my dream job doesn’t come up. Lol

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Upside: (see @Pachyderm_In_The_Room ) income, experience, contacts, will look good on resume, not a commitment to lifetime servitude.
Downside: Flexible hours (employer requires you to be flexible)

But what if I find a job I ideally want and I’ve only been at Morgan Stanley for only 2–3 months?

If your dream job comes up, make sure it will last long enough that the 2–3 months (or whatever the time frame) will be offset by the time spent on said dream job.

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It’s weird that they said I must be flexible but then when I asked them more questions about the schedule they said “your schedule will depend on your availability.” I don’t know if that means they will try to work around my schedule/with what I want.

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I’ve worked in several different types of “flexible” schedules. When I was in college, working at a restaurant, my schedule was totally based upon my class (and extra-curricular) schedule. Most call-center jobs I’ve had based my schedule mostly on the needs of the company. Sometimes flexibility could mean something like “eight-hour shift starting between 6 am and 10 am”.

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So update guys! I would love your feedback on this one!

A company that works with recent grads has contacted me that I have applied for. It’s my ideal position which is a Project Coordinator job. Pays about 30–35k starting. Problem is, it’s not a huge company it’s called Grad Staff.

Experience over a marketable name?? My dad thinks that just because it’s a small company they’ll work you to death and take advantage of new students. And that Morgan Stanely is way marketable although it’s not what I want in a job.

I“ll still be going to both interviews.

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Yes you should! It will help you!! ;)

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Sounds like an opportunity to grow with the company.

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