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How do people distinguish among untitled pieces by the same artist?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 10th, 2008

Say a painter, photographer, sculptor, etc. creates a body of work and leaves all pieces untitled, how do art critics and others communicate regarding any given piece?

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Generally, one of two things.
First, one could use the year the piece was created, such as Hannah Wilke’s Untitled 1967.
Secondly, one could use descriptors in parentheses or brackets, such as the Andy Warhol pieces Untitled [Unknown male] and Untitled [Feet].

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As an example, in Campanini’s work we have the benefit of the works being done in different dimensions, but a few share the same size. In his work I see slight object-matters so there is room to descibe them, but again, how does one reconcile the different descriptions that will arise from disparate individuals (art critics, curator, potential buyer, etc.) Worst, how is this handled when the work is more abstract and the difference of the pieces is more nuanced? Think Sugimoto’s or Caponigro’s photos without titles.

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And here we have, uh, ‘Triangles Puking on Squares’...

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