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How often do you defrag your NTFS drives?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) June 10th, 2008

Set mine up to defrag nightly after noticing a 6+ point percentage increase in fragmentation over the course of a single workday on my laptop (running XP SP2).

Wondering if other folks notice the same on their desktop machines? And also if anyone has recommendations for server-based drives?

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i’ve only got HFS+ drives…so yeah….

i must say that when i used windows i hardly defragmented, and when i did, i realy didn’t pay too much attention to it

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I defrag about once a week using Defraggler which is good. It’s quick and defrags a lot and yeh, there’s a huge difference in the number of fraggmented files. I should defrag more often but it’s a performance hit as I tend to play a number of games when I can.

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I never have to defrag my XP desktop! I use an automatic defragmenter that runs in the background, and automatically defrags as necessary when the system has sufficient free resources. It’s really effective and convenient – I don’t have to schedule defrags for my 3 large drives and waste my time, yet the drives are always in excellent condition. This works for servers too. Google ’ automatic defragmenter’ for more information.

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