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What does it mean when you dreamed about your crush ?

Asked by heyimlyn (25points) January 28th, 2013

My crush and I were sitting in a car with all my family members. He put his head on my shoulder and I did the same.

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Unfinished business. We’ve all got it. An event or person in your waking life may have jostled some old memories and feelings, and they came out in the form of a dream. Happens to me a lot with departed family members and sometimes old loves. Often, it’s very pleasant to be able to visit with people in our past for a while, if only in sleep.

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You were both tired?

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Tired? Of what?

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Absolutely nothing except that you are thinking about him.

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It doesnt mean anything, it’s just something your unconscious does to deal with the feelings.

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The characters in dreams represent different aspects of yourself. Your crush is a part of you that you like. Leaning heads on each other means you feel good about this part of you—a part that reminds you of your crush. Think about what you like about your crush and find that part of you that is similar. That is what your dream is about.

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This is one of the worst questions I’ve seen so far on this website.

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It means you have a crush on him, but you already knew that. Nothing more significant than that.

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You probably think about him a lot. We often dream about what we have thought about lots during the day. That’s it.

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I liked this guy for 2years I lived at my grandmas that’s where I met him and he forgot about me when I moved back with my mom now I’m back with my grandma and we hung out once he always wants to hang out with me but my friend got in the way and we got in a fight and him and her are close he is like her brother and now when I text him in like hey _____ its me Kaitlin he’s like 2min later up to 1day hey I was like its me Kaitlin he always says k igtg bye all the time I think he didn’t like me cause of the fight with me and my ex friend I need help!!!

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