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Health Gurus: If you have one what is your favorite soy milk?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 29th, 2013

Also, what are you looking for when you purchase your soy milk? e.g. Are you looking for monounsaturated fats, protein, etc?

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Jesus. I have no idea. I’ve been trying a lot of different soy milks these days because I’ve been drinking soy milk hot chocolate. Starbucks is ok. But the others are about the same. Some a tiny bit better and some not quite as good. The main problem is the chalkiness, but I’ve gotten used to it, and I sure do love not having my stomach all upset. But I have no idea what brands they all use. Pathetic, isn’t it?

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I’m not a health guru by any means, but I do love the taste Silk’s soy milk (the regular kind in the blue carton).

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Soy milk isn’t healthy.

Almond dream is great. I look at the ingredients, limited or minimal, the fact that it isn’t gmo made or estrogen filled.

Also it tastes good plain or in things.

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My favorite soy beverage is SO GOOD!

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Yep I use So Good too but the Australian selections are slightly different. I use this one. I like it. But I use very little milk, usually only on my cereal, although some nights I like a drink of it before bed. In that case though, we always have low fat permeate free cow’s milk, I don’t like the soy milk well enough to drink a glass of it.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl actually that does look alot better then the soy products we have in town here. And I am always happy to see a gmo free product. Still almond, hazelnut, and sunflower or even rice milk taste better.

I never did jump on the soy bandwagon.

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I think Silk brand has the best taste and texture.

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I started drinking soy milk because I have a lactose intolerance peoblem and well I really was ok with soy milk I enjoy regular milk so now I find lactose free milk to be a much better tasting alternative. And tbh it even taste better and has a more pure taste than milk with lactose and it will also kill your wallet, costing literally twice as much as one bag of lactose enhanced milk. :/

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The picky vegans in my office like the local grocery store brand best. Publix Light Plain Organic soymilk.

The others prefer sweetened vanilla almond milk.

I put fat free cow milk on my oatmeal, because I prefer to not drink my legumes.

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@wundayatta Have you tried almond milk for hot chocolate instead?

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There is a brand called So Delicious that makes various almond and coconut milks. They really are delicious. The coconut coffee creamer is very creamy so I don’t miss the half and half at all. Most brands of almond milk are quite good.
I stay away from too much soy due to the estrogen issues it can bring and the GMO soy. If you want to go with soy look for non-GMO.

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