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What would be a great dinner to make my 92 year old parents?

Asked by skfinkel (13404points) January 30th, 2013

It’s not a special dinner (we had that last weekend—brisket—my Dad’s favorite). But tomorrow I want to make something they will like. I don’t live in town with them, so cooking for them is always a treat. Any ideas?

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Rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon, or marmelade.
If you want something more fancy, you could stop by Jamie Oliver’s food tube:

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@ragingloli: Well, they eat everything, and are hearty meat eaters. Rice pudding might be a good dessert, but I don’t know about a meal. I will check out the site you refer to.

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Some kind of comfort food, maybe, like mac and cheese, or waffles?

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Lamb shanks in red wine and then do some garlic mash and other veggies.

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When’s the last time you made an italian dinner?
Spaghetti, Lasagne, the works. Garlic bread, salad, wine.
Heavily projecting because I just made a superb spaghetti sauce the other day. :-D

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What do they like to eat?

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Potato latkes, sour cream and apple sauce (and perhaps caviar if they like it).

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I’m thinking maybe curry chicken…with all kinds of vegies in with the chicken. And yougurt in the sauce.

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Can their digestive tracts handle the spices?

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I don’t know what your heritage is, but I have found that older people of that generation like their food simple…a good old fashioned roast beef and mashed potatoes with some cooked vegetables, and pie and ice cream for dessert!

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Ask them what they would like if they could have anything they wanted.

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In my experience the elder folks generally like simple foods they remember with out too many spices or richness to upset sensitive stomachs.

Also consider cutting and chewing. Can they still cut their meat fairly well by themselves, some lack strength motor skills due to impairment or severe tremor, or are their teeth fake are they missing large amounts of teeth? Do they have trouble swallowing?

Softness or tenderness aside they usually get all ramped up about their traditional comfort food is. Whatever that may be.

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Ask them what they want. Then say you will make it specially for them.

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My parents are both strong with strong teeth, appetites, and healthy stomachs. My Dad in particular loves garlic and spices. I am going to make them a chicken thing with lots of garlic. I know they will love it. (I know they will love whatever I make….but hopefully they will really love it).
Thanks all.

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I am sure they will enjoy your meal. : )

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Find out if there is something that they have not had in a long time – like something that one of their Mother’s used to fix. Or something they used to fix for you!! It will bring back memories and create a new one! Best of all, it will be enjoyed by you all!!

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