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What can you do with leftover rice noodles?

Asked by avvooooooo (8870points) September 5th, 2009

I made Mongolian beef tonight and it was GREAT… Only problem is that I wasn’t paying attention with everything else going on and softened the entire box of rice noodles… and consequently have rice noodles out the wazoo.

Any suggestion of something that I could do with these?

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Boil some eggs. Add a gratuitous amount of butter to the noodles, throw in salt, pepper, paprika. Chop up the eggs and throw them in there.

If you’d like, you can add some tuna as well.

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Seriously, when I get the late-night “if I don’t eat right now, I will die“s, that’s exactly what I make. Quick, easy, painless.

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Spam, Sriracha, some soy sauce and veggies. No celery though

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Make any clear soup and then add the rice noodles to them. Here’s a pic of what you could possibly end up with.

And @Grisaille “gratuitous amounts of butter”?! Not unless you wanna put on the pounds!

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Cook a package of Harvest Mix Frozen Veges from Trader Joes, chop up some cooked chicken breast, add the noodles, and drizzle some Spinach Salad Dressing over it.

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I love chicken rice noodle soup from the Vietnamese restaurant. I often make it at home. You could make soup with them or else use them in a stir fry instead of rice.

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You can freeze single-serving quantities that you can then heat up in hot water and use for other dishes. Otherwise, I suggest making Lo Mein, Pho, Yaki Soba, Bun, or Noodle Kuchen.

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@Darwin GA lurve the links

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