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What pictures/posters were on your bedroom wall as a kid/teen?

Asked by ucme (45422points) January 30th, 2013

Sports stars/celebs/animals/cars/bikes…well, do tell.

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The Cowsills!

And David from the Partridge Family!

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Teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles…fighting the shredder in the technodrome.

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I had a map of the world, a periodic table, and a few nature scenes. I never had any band posters.

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What strange far away land is Um, sounds quite exotic.
@talljasperman When they first came out over here, ninja was replaced with hero…gawd knows why.

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I had a bunch of Sailormoon shit, plus a lot of horror movie posters.

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@Symbeline Figures, did you check out my slasher documentary link yet?

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None. My mother “decorated” my room and I wouldn’t dare. My friends and I weren’t much for idol worship, so I didn’t even think about it.

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I didn’t have any in my room, but I put up a poster of the Turtles, wearing only fig leaves, in my locker in junior high, and got in trouble for it.

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@ucme I sure did, it was a seven parter on YouTube. But where online can you find the whole thing? Maybe the PSN store has it, Imma have to check.
And that documentary illustrates a lot of what I had myself figured on the genre, so it’s pretty cool that I actually know something about a passion I have. XD and now I know where James Rolfe ripped off all his material from for his Halloween franchise review

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@Symbeline It was 5 parts as I saw it…weird.
Loved the part where he said that anyone who has sex in a slasher movie is basically fucked, both ways.
Never knew Tom Savini did the special effects for the original Friday 13th, will watch him in Dusk Til Dawn with renewed respect.

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@ucme Might be a regional thing. (five part VS seven) And yeah, Tom Savini rules. You know I really think they should make a number 2 of this. They said as long as teenagers exist, there will be slasher movies; and right now we’re being invaded by countless classic remakes/sequels and stuff, and we have MORE Saw movies. I’d love to see what they’d have to say about recent slasher works. although not technically slasher, they could also mention the Evil Dead remake, as it will most likely fall pray to the whole aspect of declining quality that the documentary was on about.

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…as long as idiot teenagers exist, there’ll always be employment for sick fucks with a big knife, hoorah!

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May as well answer this myself, I had tons of football posters & various other sports related stuff.

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I had The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rush and James Dean. Lots and lots and lots of James Dean; 8×10’s, a calendar, a bunch of posters. No, I am no old enough to have watched his movies when they were first released.

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C. Thomas Howell, Robert Smith from The Cure, The original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, and Ricky Schroder, to name a few.

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As a child, I had a poster for One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, and Pokemon. That’s about it. I never had any posters as a teenager because I never had money to buy any. My room now is pretty empty, too. I should probably change that.

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This is an interesting question.

As a teen I had a poster from Outward Bound showing this boat (by type, not that boat specifically) on a gray, stormy day with spray breaking all around, a map of Vietnam, since I expected to be going there at that time, and a map of the world.

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KISS !!!!!!!!!!!

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This one..

….and damn it’s still available though as a reproduction.
Thanks for the trip back in time.

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I had a poster of Lenin that I picked up in the Soviet Union.

I still have it.

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My Room was covered wall to wall with Ozzy posters. Sometimes Star Wars, GNR, Metallica and Iron Maiden. Always Ozzy though.

@Symbeline Whats a sailormoon?

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A Kurt Cobain poster. It’s still on my wall now.

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aww. little @CWOTUS kinda looks like little Ricky Schroder in my link above.:)

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@jonsblond Outsiders fan, eh? :)

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I had a poster of Jethro Tull’s Acqualung that I got after I went to their concert in Buffalo, NY in 1978…good old days :)

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When I lived at home I didn’t have anything. Once I had a dorm room I plastered stuff all over. There was a print company that used to sell art prints on campus and I bought a few over the years but the one I remember best was Van Gogh’s Room at Arles
I had another print that my ex boyfriend mentioned fondly remembering after years and years. It was a picture of 2 Japanese girls in yellow slickers and rainboots and rainhats fishing off a pier. I clipped it from a magazine…believe it or not, that magazine was Playgirl. I think it was a fashion spread of designer Issey Miyake. Man, was I sophisticated for a suburban girl or what???!
I also used to hang this striped woolen blanket and a wine flask on the wall over it. Oh god! Am I giving away my age or what?

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@glacial Maybe just a little bit. :D

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@Earthgirl Love everything VG. I have two framed posters in my office. Vase with twelve sunflowers that I got in Amsterdam, and Flowering Garden that I got at the Met in NYC.

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David Cassidy, David Essex, Gary Glitter and Donny Osmond. loll

(That was as a kid). As a teen I was far too sophisticated for all that. I had paint on the walls!

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@Only138 It’s this Japanese animation show I used to love, for years. Even when I was too old for it.


my favorites are Sailormars and Sailorsaturn

I’d probably still have all the posters and dolls and stickers and crap, except when I moved I had to leave most of my shit behind. I wonder what the hell happened to all my Sailormoon stuff. :/

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Mostly bands like Duran Duran, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Japan. I was into the New Romantic thing in a big way. And those boys were so pretty!

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@CWOTUS It is fairly interesting isn’t it?
Funny that someone broke their necks to answer first with a seemingly scornful approach to the subject, but still..
@Earthgirl So what if you are m’dear, age is but a number…baby ;¬}

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@Yeahright Lol, I have a coffee mug with Van Gogh;s Vase with 12 Sunflowers on it. The title is written in french around the top inside rim.. I love it.

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@ucme Not scornful at all. In fact, the first GQ was from me.

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@Earthgirl I got a fantastic VG calendar in London that you’d totally love. The pages 6×2” were in glossy card paper with a dotted line so that after each month passed you could detach it from the booklet and use it as a bookmark…clever ah?

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@Yeahright That is clever and I for one could always use another bookmark! :)

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@ucme The more I think about it the weirder it seems that there were no pictures on my walls as a kid. The only thing hanging on the wall was a crucifix. Perhaps I grew up in a convent?

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Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, unicorn poster, and I’m sure a few of my mom’s ‘motivational’ pictures. I also had a map of the world.

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@thorninmud Maybe the whisper threw me then, seemingly I was mistaken :¬)
@Earthgirl A convent? I bet you were the naughty one with the bad habit ;¬}

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Ha when I first moved to Winnipeg with my parents, we stayed in a convent for two weeks while the house we were moving into was being readied. My mom got a job there as a cook, and they just let us stay there free of charge. And it’s true lol, there is nothing in those little rooms except a bed, a chair, and drawers for your clothes; and a big ol crucifix on the wall. and I totally had fun running around the halls and exploring shit all day

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I’m genuinely surprised your particular crucifix wasn’t upside down @Symbeline, ya creepy phuka! ;-}

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@Symbeline I think I would have really enjoyed that as a kid – for the sheer fun of exploration.

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@ucme That one wasn’t, but I did have an inverted cross necklace I always wore in my teens.

@glacial Yeah it was awesome. The place was so huge, inside and outside. I spent hours wandering around. Plus the nuns spoiled me rotten, it was a sweet two weeks. :D

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@ucme Yes indeed, I was the sister hiding Lady Chatterly’s Lover under her pillow.

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@Earthgirl How on earth(girl) did you manage to hide a full size man under your pillow!

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@Earthgirl I just bet you did, you comely wench from below stairs you ;¬}

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