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Quickly! Think in ten seconds what you want to do as opposed to what you need to do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28790points) January 31st, 2013

I want to fly anywhere!
I need to work.

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I need to go to the dump. I am now going to the dump.

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I want my watch to work, I need to replace the battery, no idea if that was 10secs but hey…

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sleep, f*ck, I need to get some nooow zzzz….....

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PS. Retraction.. not going to the dump.

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I need and want to visit my Mom, before I meet Paul at his D.C. office and spend the evening with him at the annual auto show.

I need and want to log out of Fluter now and go see Mom.

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I want to go find a beach. I need to work.

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I want lunch
I need to stay in this meeting

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I need a new car. Cheap, and capable of making my 2-hour a day commute without blowing a radiator. Thanks, Tank. Your name is now Hunk of Junk.

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@gailcalled I so misread that

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I want my dinner. I need to turn the heating up because it’s freezing in here.

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I want help. Please!
I need to buckle down, quit screwing around, and get these deliverables done.

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I want to stop working forever.
I need 5 minutes with my manager to say so.

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I want to travel a forget about duties, I need to do all of my duties: read, write, make assignments, clean, organize, sleep.

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I want to scream at someone, but I need to keep my cool.

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I want to retire.
I need to work

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I’d like to stay here, but there are too many other things to be done. First, I will put new batteries in my TV clicker. Then I will cut up some meat to put in the freezer. Then I will fold and put away the fresh laundry.
Why are you looking over my shoulder? I’m no more interested in this than you are.

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I want to have servants who do all my work for me. I’m going to finish taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put in the dirty ones, and fold the clothes I washed yesterday.

Some day I’m going to have someone put away all the Christmas boxes stacked in the hallway and work on cleaning up the yard.

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Get my platinum on Darksiders! And then come haunting Fluther with a buncha Ulthane quotes; ye wan fayr an square, horsemahn.

But instead of that, I gotta get some dinner fixed.

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I’d like to exercise by playing Just Dance 4 for Kinect. I really need to get back in shape.

I need to go pick up 50 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Cookies my daughter will be selling, but I know I’m going to tear into one of those boxes tonight. That’s not going to help my getting back in shape routine. but those cookies are so good

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I need to write code and run a meeting for my comedy club.

I want to have sex with my boyfriend and go to sleep.

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I want to do some carving but the lawn needs to be mowed!!! I can hardly find my little dog when she goes out, no, I lie, not quite that bad but does need some work.

@shippy, at first glance I thought the same , and was horrified that @gailcalled would say such a thing, heheheh!

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I want to sit here and sleep for the rest of the evening (probably will, too). I need to do homework.

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I want to make love (which isn’t an option). I need to sleep (which is).

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I want to kill myself. But I need to live.

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Want to do—>this
Need to do—>my homework

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Want to: Go home and go back to bed.

Need to: Work. For real today. Seriously.

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Want to sleep. Need to sleep. Can’t.

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Gotta go to sleep too. But I would rather listen to 18 minute long songs by Nightwish! And hey, it’s the Superbol weekend, I CAN DO WUT AH WANTS.

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