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Are you allowed to drink in the back of a cab?

Asked by AlexChoi (305points) June 10th, 2008

I know that many limos allow you to drink in the back (champagne) and such… but what about cabs? Could I theoretically drink a 40 in the back?

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Depends on the area, but in general, the legality of drinking in a limo is due to the partition, so a taxi with the same partition would be in the same category.

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For normal cabs, the answer is NO. Trust me on this. Any open alcohol container a car is huge trouble. Limos, I believe are on a state by state basis

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Theoretically, Alex? ;)

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I asked my roommate if he ever drank in the back of a cab. He said he tried once, and the cabbie kicked him out. We live in NYC, so I guess you can’t. The driver didn’t give him an exact reason, but I’m still guessing “No”. Maybe I’ll try it soon and see. :)

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The driver’s reason is because if he was pulled over with a passenger with an open container of alcohol, he would get a ticket, and possibly more. In some cases, the driver can be arrested and the car can be impounded. He stands to lose his cab medallion and license which are quite expensive and hard to get.

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