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White macbook or black?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) June 10th, 2008

I was just wondering why one color is preferred over the other.

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White seems to get dirty faster… White is a symbol of purity. For me… not really a fan of that…

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Go pro for that brushed alu-min-ee-um look

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@alexchoi I like my macbook the color of my soul. Black.

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I like the feeling of the black Macbook. It’s somewhere in between rubber and plastic. The black frame around the display “presents” the screens content better as well.

You also get the better product specs with the black models.

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I don’t care as long as it’s done with craftsmenship on the inside.

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I like the white one it is pure and clean, also I feel the same way as egon exept its white for me.

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I like the white one since it matches everything white MagSafe and white apple remote with the black it looks weird

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I’ve heard on some sites that the MacBook is going to be undergoing a ‘redesign’ when it’s next updated (supposedly in the 3/4 of this year) and will probably have the same aluminum case as the macbook pro. Might be better to wait it out and pick something up that’s better looking and a bit faster :)

EDIT: wooops, didn’t read the question properly, but ill leave my response incase it’s useful :S

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black. I have a white one and I’m happy with the way it runs, but not really with the color I got. The white one is made of a completely different material and the white’s scratch much easier than the black’s (on the outside, not the screen) Also, the white’s stain easily. I literally wash my hands almost every time before I get on mine and it still stains. A mr. Clean magic eraser would probably clean it right up, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. But re material on the black is much better. I never touched a black one until after I already had my white one, and regretted getting white since. Also, the blacks come with better specs. If you put those same specs on a white one, they’re exactly the same laptop in different colors, and black is $50 more. But well worth it.

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@bmnhit, I’m sure the black one compared to the white one is about 500$ difference.

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@edgarex86, Would you pay the extra $500???

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@edgarex86 There are two different white models… there’s a $500 difference between the low end white and the black .. but they have different specs

Even the high end white and the black have different specs (hard drive), if you customize the high end white model to make it match the black model, I believe it’s a $100 difference

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