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Is there life other than earth?

Asked by Pinkpastelrainbow (150points) February 1st, 2013 from iPhone

Is there any possibly that there is life on other planets. I read articles that the first landing of the moon was fake? How is it possible to fake the first moon landing? They showed evidence proving that it was all Hollywood special effects. I know it sounds dumb. But do you ever think that the government is hiding something like in Area 51. It’s highly secured and they won’t let anyone but government go in. Just curious :)

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Of course there is. In a universe so vast, how can there not be? And that’s just the universe we know. As for a faked moon landing, balderdash!

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The moon landing was not fake.

We have no proof of life on other planets, but statistically, it’s most certain.

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The rules of nature are not exclusive to the Planet Earth, considering the amount of stars and solar systems existent within this universe, logic would dictate that life possibly emerged and was able to thrive in that environment.
Even from a religious standpoint it would be selfish to believe that we are “the center of the universe” or that organisms on Earth are the only ones with the capability of enjoying life.

I’ve heard we faked the moon landing but I highly doubt such a hoax would not be exposed by all parties involved somewhere down the line.

It’s like the people who believe sandy hook was staged,do you really think that absolutely NOONE involved would expose it? Confidentiality only goes but so far

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I was part of the team that faked the moon landing. My role was to build a fake moon—it looked quite good, don’t you think? I’m also building fake life from other parts of the universe (or is that fake, too?). And it’s all stored behind the fence in Area 51. If you’re nice to me, I might let you see it.

Nah . . . I’m just faking. The moon landing was real; and I suspect there is life beyond anything we can comprehend out there in that universe.

Welcome to Fluther, by the way. Check out the photo of my fake landing on the moon in my avatar!

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“There are probably more than 170 billion (1.7 × 10^11) galaxies in the observable Universe.” Source

“Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a large barred spiral galaxy with approximately 200–400 billion stars.” Source

Somewhere there is, I would bet, a configuration similar to our sun and earth doing their thing.
There may be other kinds of life forms also…perhaps silicon based.

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You seem to be conflating a bunch of separate questions.

Is there life outside of Earth? I don’t know. I’m not personally informed enough to do the math on the probabilities, either; it seems like an infinitesimal probability that’s amplified an incredible number of times. I don’t know what the outcome of that is, whether it’s tiny or enormous or something in between.

Was the moon landing a fake? I doubt it.

Are they hiding aliens in area 51? I very strongly doubt it.

Are they hiding something in area 51? They might be. It’s no secret that any government has plenty of things to hide.

Does the existence of extraterrestrial life have anything to do with the moon landing possibly being fake, and does a fake moonlanding mean area 51 must be full of little green men? No.

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There might well be life on other worlds. If it can happen once it can happen twice. The distances between the stars are so great that I don’t think we will ever know for sure.

The moon landings were an incredibly complex achievement but faking it would be even more complex.

Area 51 is a government deception. The aliens are all in Area 52.

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From a scientific perspective the probability that there may be a live sustaining planet is good, but that all aliens will be able to speak English is not so good! The Star Trek and Star Wars universe may have it wrong, but rest assured we are not alone.

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Of course there is. I am from outer space.

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Complex life will be extremely rare in our universe compared to simple life. But extremely rare is a relative term, given the billions of stars of each of the billions of galaxies.

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I highly recommend the book Rare Earth, which gives a strong argument for what Matt says. The authors make a good case for why complex life in our galaxy is rare and why there are entire galaxies that likely do not contain complex. life They also say that simple single cell life may be common and could possibly be found in other parts of our own solar system.

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Yes, great book @LostInParadise – Read it a couple of years ago. Still up to date I think.

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I’m not sure what you’re really asking here. You went from asking a seemingly decent question about whether there is life on other planets to changing the subject completely and bringing up conspiracy theories that seem irrelevant to the original point. Mathematically it is very likely that there is life on other planets.

The moon landing was not fake. As far as Area 51 goes, I’d be willing to bet they are hiding some type of technology there, but I’m sceptical about aliens being stored there. Maybe they want us to think there are aliens there to hide what they’re really doing. I’m still open to the possibility (and likelyhood) that earth does get visited by aliens though.

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Life other than on Earth, yes. And I believe, that this life out there, is way more advanced than us. If the dinosaurs weren’t meant to go extinct how far would they have come? Then maybe you had a whole different kind of species roaming this planet… The universe is so big, take only one centimeter of the sky and you have BILLIONS of galaxies… Each galaxy existing of millions of stars, and each star with different amounts of planets… If we are alone, only then, I believe in a God… But only if we’re the only species out there… And then that God is the other life…

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@XYZZYtja – Our space telescopes would notice changes in other galaxies if there were intelligent life out there far more advanced than us, for example by building Dyson sphere’s. See also

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I doubt that very much.
Our current way of detecting planets for example is by observing the wobbling, or changes in brightness of stars, because planets are too dark to be observed directly, and that is for planets within our galaxy.
We certainly are not able to detect equally dark dyson spheres in other galaxies, which are millions of lightyears away.

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