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Disneyland lovers, is Super Bowl Sunday a good day to go to Disneyland?

Asked by tinyfaery (40308points) February 1st, 2013

I’m thinking Disneyland wouldn’t be to busy this Sunday.

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There are “crowd calendars” online on various Disney sites. I am not sure which are best for Disneyland – I have been looking at online info for Disney World. Trip Advisor has forums on DW and Orlando so I’m sure they have a forum for DL and Anaheim. Also, there’s a site called Mouse Savers ( I think) and they have links to various sources of info. Google Disneyland crowd calendar and they should have the whole year, day by day, with anticipated crowds.

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@tinyfaery: I just posted the question for you on Trip Advisor in the Anaheim Forum. You can go there and follow it to see what other travelers have to say.

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@jca You are awesome.

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