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How do you guys celebrate Super Bowl?

Asked by KasperPrip (213points) February 2nd, 2010

I’m seeing my first Super Bowl final this Sunday, and as an European i was wondering if there is any typical american rituals attached to this event?

also what team should i favor?(please don’t take this last question too serious, because i don’t really care!)

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Beer….and lots of it. :)

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By crying…because my beloved Vikings are never in it…and beer!

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My ritual is to ignore it. I do like watching the commercials on youtube when they come out… those often are absolutely hilarious.

A lot of people gather at sports bars or have Superbowl parties at their homes. Beer is kind of a prerequisite as @Steve_A said. Munchies as well, of course.

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sweet! Beer and beef. My two favourite bee’s

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Nachos and chips are kind of a staple to have along with your beer as well.

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Some BBQ :) but I hardly care to drink at all, I don’t drink unless its something very particular.

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The yanks indulge in their 3 most favourite activities eat,drink, & watch tv.Woo,woo!!

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Quietly at home! Use to go to Super Bowl parties, but when everyone is drunk but me, not much fun. And loud…cannot concentrate on the Colts kicking the Saint’s ass!

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nobody mentioned wings? beer and chicken wings man!!

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@bigboss wow….love chicken wings…with a cold beer! ummmmmmm

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@BoBo1946 ah im so hungry now i cant wait till sunday.

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@bigboss LMAO…the best ones i’ve ever eaten is at Hooter’s…gosh dang, those things are good. When i was working on storm duty (working a hurricane as ins adjuster) on the Gulf Coast, my ex and myself, would go to Hooter’s and order 50 of them..with cold beer! OMG, that was fun!

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@BoBo1946 i went to hooters once with my gf at the time…and lets say i wasnt paying attention to her lol. but yes those wings were perfectly spicy and delicious. i like the ones at chili’s too.

anyway my answer is. well im going to a friends house this sunday for the superbowl..chicken and beer, football, commercials, what else could i ask for.

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Buffalo wings, barbecue, beer, oh damn I am hungry!

For a really good party, toss in a pit roast.

I may not be into the superbowl but I have been to plenty of parties like we are describing other than superbowl.

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If there will be food, thats good enough for me! lol :D

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@KasperPrip Are you getting together with friends wherever you are living (I checked your profile) to have a superbowl or are you here in the States?

I am actually thinking of going to a superbowl party I have been invited to. I am just not into the game but the rest would be a blast, including watching everyone else go ape.

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Get together with my friends at one of our houses, order a bunch of pizza and hot wings. No one in our group really cares about either team, so the evening will be much more about getting together with friends than it will be about paying very close attention to the game. Oh, and we’ll talk about which commercials we like the best. :)

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My husband and I make various dips for chips, chicken wings, and lots of beer and have a couple of friends over to watch the game. Football is the only sport that we care to watch, so the game is always fun for us. Especially when it was the Bronco/Packers. I’m a Bronco fan, my husband a Packers fan.

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Most guys I know get together with friends, drink beer and eat. Some might cook a steak, order pizza or just snack.

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@BoBo1946 Never been to Hooter’s. Thought it was just a guy thing.

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I ignore it completely.

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@pearls not really…the food is really good! Would there be any other reason for being there? lol

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@BoBo1946 From a female’s viewpoint, the food. From a guy’s viewpoint, that’s just it. The view…lol

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@pearls oh no, i never look!

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@BoBo1946 I don’t believe that for one minute.

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@pearls loll..didn’t think so!

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I listen to my roommates and his friends screaming their heads off like idiots in the living room, and then I sneak in and grab some chicken wings and a slice of pizza, and then I go to my room and pop in a Monty Python video. I watch footy, so the match for me is on Saturday between England and Wales.

But if I have to pick a SuperBowl team to cheer for, as a person with relatives in that area, I’ll go with Minnesota, eh.

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Wife and i go play bingo. they have a big screen tv there. we watch the Superbowl game and attempt to win some money, at the same time.

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This year we are hosting a HUGE party to celebrate the Saints going to the Superbowl. There will be tons of the usual wings, beer and pizza. We are also having a big crawfish boil. The pool is heated, the poolhouse is decorated in Saints stuff. The party is actually starting Saturday night for my husband and his best friends and will continue win or lose til some time Monday. Geaux Saints and Who Dat? We have been waiting all of our lives for this!

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@Arisztid I’m going to watch it here in Denmark, with some friends. :) We’re gonna it food and drink beer, i was just wondering if the Americans did something different.

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What the hell would one be celebrating? It’s a spectator sport and we watch it.
Turn on the TV at kickoff time, which will be about 4 hours after the bullshit starts.
Clear all women from the premises except one, and she’s special.
Watch the game.

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@plethora There are women that watch the Super Bowl for the game and not for the commercials. (me!)

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I don’t bother with the Super Bowl; I just go online the next day and watch the ads.

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