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How do you close down a Page you run on Facebook?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) February 1st, 2013

I’ve got a Facebook Page I no longer want or need but can’t figure out how to close it down, all I can find is information on closing my personal profile which I want to keep. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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First you need admin rights to the page.

Go to your Admin Panel

Click “Edit Page” and select “Manage Permissions”

Look at the bottom of the window that you’re at now.
It should give you a link to delete the page

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@gambitking you are awesomeness personified, thank you.

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@RareDenver… I try :)

Besides, Denver people gotsta stick together

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@gambitking haha I’m actually from England, my name is Denver, I’m not from there. I did go there once in the ‘80’s, I liked it, especially since they named it after me!

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