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Can you jellies help me build a gaming computer?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) February 3rd, 2013

A couple years ago I would have had no problem with this task but I’m afraid I’ve been out of this realm for quite some time now. I still know whats up with simple stuff like RAM and HD’s but when it comes to motherboards and video cards I’m honestly lost.
I’m tired of playing all my games on the lowest possible settings :(

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to build me a computer that would be great for gaming and cost around $1,000

Thanks :)

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The goto CPU for gamers at the moment is the Intel Core i5–3570K (the K means it is unlocked and can be easily overclocked) paired with a Z77 chipset mobo. I recently built a system for a friend using an Asus maximus V gene which I really quite liked despite it being the smaller mATX size so you lose a couple of expansion slots at the bottom but that’s no real big deal I found. The hardest part is choosing a graphics card but the cheapest I’d go for is NVidia GTX 660 at about $250. Another $100—$150 will get you a GTX670 or an maybe an AMD 7970 would make a difference.

So here’s my attempt (prices are from newegg on the basis that was the first site google found that had prices in dollars).
Intel Core i5–3570K $230
Asus Maximus V Gene $199
8GB 1,600MHz DDR3 $45
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB $250
SATA HDD 1Tb $75
PSU Corsair TX650 $90
Antec 300 case $65

If you wanted to overclock a little you would need something better than the stock cooler.

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@Lightlyseared awesome, thanks Ill look into all those parts. I was just looking at the mobo and I’m seeing an HDMI output on it but not the normal monitor hook up(forget what that port is called) Is this a normal trend to be shifting away from this and to HDMI?

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Never mind, I’m retarded, forgot about the whole video card having one thing :P

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For gaming, if you have a few extra dollars, look into a solid state drive (SSD) to install the games (and OS if you have the space) to – they’re relatively cheap these days and blazing fast; it takes my computer longer to POST than it does for the OS to boot.

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@the100thmonkey Yea johnpowell talked me into getting a 120gb SSD :)

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