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Why am I suddenly getting a lot of spam on my Gmail account?

Asked by yannick (985points) June 10th, 2008

Recently I’ve started receiving numerous spam emails about all kinds of crap on my gmail account. Any idea why? I haven’t subscribed to anything that could have signed me up to spam…

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mabey theyr just trying to get your attention?
i hate spam
i write on all my webs and stuff no spam aloud

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Have you posted your email address anywhere on the web recently?

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Nowhere, aside from logging into secured websites such as Facebook etc etc…

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So this is a vast increase in spam without any change in your activity. You sure someone isn’t messing with yeah? Signing you up for things, using your email on pages and such. Anyway, why not just block em and have it over with?

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You know what? The same thing happened to me a few months ago. I went from getting maybe a half a dozen spam emails in any 24-hour period to getting more than 100 sometimes. I hadn’t signed up for anything new or changed my internet habits at all. Just all of the sudden there was this huge influx of spam. I never figured out what caused it and it slowed down a little but I still get probably 60 spam emails a day.

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It could be that one of your friends had their address book hijacked, and it included your e-mail address…

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@lifeflame – good point. Do you think there’s any way of stopping them? (short of getting a new email…)

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None that I know of….
I’d flag them as spam, don’t reply to them, and then maybe they will die off.

I’ve had that once happen to my hotmail, and after about a week either hotmail got a super spam filter, or they just felt it was a dead e-mail and pittered off.
I get a ton of spam in my gmail but gmail is generally is pretty good at filtering them into the junk mail folder.

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I’ve had quite a few on my Gmail lately too… particularly this “Update your penis” nonsense. lol

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C’mere forward that one to me will yeah. For a friend obviously, yes, a friend.

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@stephenphl: same actually. Amongst others, but it’s pissing me off…

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@yannick: same one huh? haha

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