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Which would be a better place, our world with just theists or our world with just atheists?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19429points) February 5th, 2013

As asked.

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It would be a better world without trolls.

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I don’t think it would make any difference. The evils of this world have been perpetrated and perpetuated by both groups. Greedy, angry, power hungry, self centered, narrow-minded, unsympathetic individuals would still exist. Religious or non religious, it has made no difference and would not if it was just one of the groups and not the other.

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The otters would conquer us all. Duh. (In other words, what @Sunny2 said).

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@wildpotato Great SP episode! : )

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The athiests want an athiest world and the theists want a theist world and they both think that their world is the perfect world.

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How about just a world without jackasses?

I am close friends with plenty of people who have different religious beliefs. Indeed, I am the only person with my particular religious beliefs among the people I regularly encounter offline. Yet I never have trouble discussing or even debating religious topics with my friends and colleagues. It’s the zealots and the people who think that mere disagreement is somehow offensive that make trouble in the world, whether online or offline.

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It’s alright, I’m going to make some barbecue popcorn.
Oh wait, what @SavoirFaire said :D

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Atheist or theist, I think the world would be way better if once a day, everyone put on a hoody, pulled the hood up, yanked the strings and then went weeeeeee for a few seconds. well, doing that every day is probably why I’m not a murderer

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I’m pretty sure if we had a world where we were all “just” theists, or “just” atheists, we’d find plenty different between our beliefs still to have wars and arguments and prejudice. It probably wouldn’t even sound much different.

I think a world where we all agree we already know everything there is to know, is a scary one. Not that our world isn’t scary. It would just be a different sort of scary.

A better world is one with more open discussion and thought, with more compassion and understanding and sympathy, and with a greater collective sense of altruism and kindness over greed. That’s not theist or atheist, that’s just considerate.

Or a world like the one @Symbeline described… could I skip everywhere in that world??

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hell yeah, homesplice

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Theism has started way more wars than atheism, that’s for sure. I think that, if only atheists existed, they’d still find things to argue about, but the world would probably be a bit more peaceful than it is now.

If everyone was a theist, we’d still have numerous different religions working against us. Theists generally think that if you don’t believe in their god their way, you’re wrong and probably headed to hell. So I don’t think a world full of theists would be much different than what we have today.

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Hmm, a world full of people who point & stare at clouds..uh-huh, not on my watch.
I’d like a world full of people who sing show tunes when going about their everyday lives, shopping & such like, maybe even naked.

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Considering that countries with higher secularism have, across the board, higher societal health, the answer is clear.

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If the choice is 100% one or the other probably I lean better the world is all atheists. All atheists does not guarantee no religions though. The most important thing I think is children being raised in healthy environments and people being able to live safely, treating each other respect, using logic. God can be used to control and persuade people, but there are other ways too. In Russia under communism they tried to demand atheism, that was just as bad as having a theocracy. People need to come to atheism on their own or it doesn’t serve society in the way one would hope.

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Seems to me that the fewer differences there are, the more important the remaining differences appear.

We’re wired to home in on differences and base our affiliations accordingly. Remove one prominent class of difference, and our difference-seeking penchant doesn’t go away; it just realigns our affiliations based on a new criterion. In a world where there are only a few “minor” differences, those differences would become very hotly disputed.

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Fluther would become very boring. :)

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Well, I’m going to go with Theists because of the moral compass/ guidelines we are supposed to live by. Hold the surprised gasps please- lol

*Believing differently is part of what makes the world so interesting and yes, dangerous as well.

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Disclaimer: I might be going into a depressive stage but at this point I would say the world would be better off without either. (Would that cover everyone or would agnostics still be around? If so, I would like them gone too.)

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The world is a better place when people who disagree don’t go beyond attacking each other’s arguments. Theist or atheists or agnostics doesn’t matter. I love debates and am always looking forward to meeting people who challenge my views without attacking me as a person. Atheists who value the principles of humanism should walk the talk and stay away from mocking and insults. Theist who value the principles of religions based on love should walk the talk and stay away from mocking and insults. But humans will never be perfect. This is why we also need self reflection and introspection as well as apologies and forgiveness. Cooling down periods are also useful to make the world a better place.

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