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Have you noticed anything interesting on Google Earth recently?

Asked by flutherother (26922points) February 6th, 2013

Perhaps you never look but I find it fascinating. I noticed the other day a fine white tracery on the outskirts of most American towns and cities. I zoomed in to find it is urban sprawl that spreads out far into what was once farmland and open countryside. It consists solely of houses, large and ugly McMansions with two or three car garages and large bare gardens so recently established that rarely do you see a tree grow there. Interesting, or not? Has anything on the surface of our little world caught your attention?

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I don’t often remember to check google earth but I am following the blog of one of the astronauts currently in the space station, and he posts some pretty amazing pictures every day.

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@shrubbery – his son re-posts his pictures on Google+, and I follow there… wonderful images!

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I have been trying to find traces of the old Comanche Trail in the Big Bend area. I know where they came through the pass at Persimmon Gap and that the trail split and made two separate crossing over the Rio Grande but I cannot make out any details that might indicate the exact path that was taken. But there is some good stuff there like the circular shape of the rocks in Green Gulch although they do not indicate any volcanic activity in that area. And the old mining roads through the flat lands by Tornillo Creek. You can vaguely make out the old tracks and various rectangular, obviously manmade, shapes.

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I see that my grandmother’s garage back in Indiana is no longer standing.

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