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Did you ever find out who you are?

Asked by AshLeigh (15939points) February 7th, 2013 from iPhone

We often hear young people say that they do not know who they are. Did you ever figure it out?
Who are you?

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I am the invisible man.

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Yes, I know myself pretty well and I like who I am.

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I don’t think we can ever truly know who we are. Change is the only constant and we change all the time.
The best you can do is be comfortable with yourself knowing that you are what you are whether you know what you are or not.

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Did that make sense?

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I am a spark of consciousness in a universe so vast my little drop in the bucket of life is nothing more than a micro blip in time. Okay….no more waxing poetic lol
Yes, knowing ourselves never ends, but we can know enough to be very comfortable in our skin when it comes to a basic acceptance of who we are right now.
Yep, I’m with @Adirondackwannabe I know myself well and like who I am also.:-)

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I can’t help but think the question is an excuse for inaction, timidity, cowardice, immaturity etc. I know exactly who I am. I am me. For better or for worse. And I am not that old, so it is not some generational aberration. People say such things to justify what might be called “life procrastination”. It’s bullshit in any event.

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Some days I think I’ve got it, and some days I’m totally confused. I’m 33 and still involved in an identity crisis.

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Maybe. But I like you the way you are, whether you know what it is or not.

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It’s taken me half a century to find her, I am nearly there :)

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How many years do you have to live as the person you are, to recognize who that is?

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I quit trying to figure out who I was. Every time I got close something would happen to change who I was.

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I’m some random human on a planet. I pay bills to afford comforts until I die. It’s a fun ride.

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@Sunny2 Until the answer is “Can I have the red Jello?”

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am what I am.

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The great and powerful oz

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I used to think I was Cthulhu, but found out that was already taken. So I have decided I yam who I yam and that’s all that i yam, and am doing a lot of forearm exercises so I can be Popeye the sailor.

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I’m pretty sure to most people I dont even exist, so for all intense purposes I choose to be invisible, and that’s exactly who I have found out who I am.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Hey I’m going to flag your ass and follow you eveywhere.

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I completely agree with @josie. I hear statements like this and I think, “get over yourself”.

“Who” you are is defined by what you do and how you treat people. It’s a byproduct of your actions.

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I’m inclined to agree with @josie here. It used to be that middle class Westerners didn’t know ‘who’ they were until they got through high school…or college. Now, I run into people a good ten years older than me who still say they don’t know who they are, and it kind of blows my mind.

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I think I am a complex blend of different ‘people’. There is my inner child who comes out pretty regularly, the serious me, the driven me, the funny me, the sensual me, the crabby me etc. At different times different parts of my personality are more evident than other parts but they are all me. Who I am is a mixture of many different parts.

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If the person that I am can be defined in terms of what I do and or what I’ve done over the years, then I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing. I am the master of mediocrity.

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No, I am still looking but I am comfortable with my own anonymity..

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I think I know myself very well at this point, and am content with me.

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All I can do is be me, whoever that is. I am me and no one else, no matter what I do and no matter how I act.
One day I can love music and want to play that for the rest of my life, the next day it’s philosophy. I can wake up one morning, feeling like a certain someone and the next evening, I can feel like someone else. But no matter what, it’s always me.

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I’m me & fucking glad of it.

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Actually I think who we are determines what we do, not the other way around.
I am free spirited type and only seek work that affords me the best expression of my true self. Creative, innovative, enjoy diverse work environments, don’t do micromanaging and hardcore structure and routine. I don’t have job security and I don’t make a lot of money but in exchange for living with uncertainty I also have not sold my soul to the company store.

I wish more people could do what they are instead of being forced to keep pounding their square pegs into round holes. :-)

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I don’t know who I am sometimes. Then I ask Matron and she tells me.

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…I also have not sold my soul to the company store.

Would it be accurate to surmise that your work does NOT involve loading 16 tons? ;-)

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^^^ The only heavy lifting I do is mental. lol

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“He who does not really feel himself lost, is lost beyond remission”.
“Life is a desperate struggle to succeed in being in fact that which we are in design.”

-Ortega y Gasset

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I’ve always thought it peculiar that I really have no sense of myself. Some people tell me I need to smile more, so I’m working on that. lol

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I took Seligman’s test. And it helped.

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