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Do you own or have you ever driven a Smart Car?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) February 11th, 2013

My boss asked me run some errands for her today and had me drive her Smart Car.
OMG! It was the most bizarre experience. haha
I loved it, but such a funky little vehicle, I couldn’t get over looking behind me and there is nothing there.

It was such a strange illusion being used to a mid-size luxury sedan. I’m kinda thinking I might want one. It was a real Billy Goat just motoring up and down hills and had no problem sustaining over 60mph. on the highway.
What do you know about Smart Cars?

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I have always been afraid of the outcome of a Smart Car-SUV collision.

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@marinelife Yes, I was going to mention the safety factor, but I was impressed with the little tuna can. lol

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For city and lower speed country road driving I would definitely consider it. From what I remember the 0–60 is quite slow, over 10 seconds, but check me on it if you are seriously considering it. Merging onto a very busy highway, or anywhere with aggressive traffic I would be a little concerned with being generally underpowered for the former and with having to wait for significant breaks in traffic for the latter.

As far as safety, I vaguely remember it might have a role cage type set up? Again, do some research, I am going off of memory. The race cars my husband and his friends race have to be modified with role cages for the track. All of them are in equally sized cars more or less, but travelling at very high speeds and sometimes coming into contact with walls.

There are many other small cars that are possibilities if you are considering a car. A few years ago I found some websites that compare “green” cars. Probably there are similar sites that are even better now.

Oh, recently I have become pretty edgy in cars that feel very light and like they might tip. I have no idea if the smart car feels like that. I no longer rent the smallest cars when I rent a car because of it. Ever since my accident on the golf cart my body is particularly sensetive to wanting to feel square on the ground in a vehicle.

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@JLeslie Interesting. Yes, it has it’s drawbacks, I was not merging onto the freeway just zipping around locally. I’ll read up more, thanks!

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Generally I love driving smallish cars, and I prefer a car that is “normal” sedan height, but I do like having four seats.

I like feeling like I can “zip” around as you put it, that I can easily park, feeling I know exactly what is around me and how close I am to other cars.

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@JLeslie Yes, I do think I need the driver safety space to. haha
I know what you mean about feeling like you are square on the ground with some heft to your vehicle.
It was an experience that’s for sure but I don’t know if I would really be serious about such a tiny vehicle.

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I have a VW GTI now, and I feel square on the ground even though it is quite small. It get’s about 30 MPG and it is not a hybrid. My husband picked it. I have owned a lot of cars, and I still say Japanese cars are the most reliable to not have one problem. But, I do really like the VW. I once test drove the Ford hybrid smallish car, I can’t remember the name, and I found it very comfortable. Seat very comfortable, the stearing, peddles. My husband says I like the Ford seat because I have an American butt. LOL. He is just annoyed because I complained about the seats in the Porsche Panomara (the Porsche sedan).

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The SMART car was designed and built by Mercedes-Benz, The crash protection is good to excellent SEE HERE. Its advantage is parking not gas mileage.

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I think the gas mileage is in the 30’s like my VW, which is pretty good. I think there is a Smart all electric car also? Not sure.

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There was a photo floating around, maybe facebook, of one that had a misunderstanding with a truck. This wasn’t the one but it is just as bad. Course most any small car running into a truck is going to get the worst of the deal! I like a small car but they are too damned small!

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They are adorable. I’ve never driven one, though, and I would be very hesitant to drive one anywhere that SUVs and trucks are driven.

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NY and with the now we get here I wouldn’t dare get a smart car. Having said that. they did open a smart car dealer here! And I have just been waiting for the snow to be gone so I can test drive one.

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Thanks for all the input guys. Yes, it is a fun “toy” car but I wouldn’t want it to be my only vehicle that’s for sure. I did notice a lot of people giving me extra space, don’t run over the tuna can. lol

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@Coloma While vacationing in London a few years back I could look down from hotel room and see four Smart cars backed up to curb in two parking spaces.

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Nice picture @rooeytoo Doesn’t look like was any driver survival space in that collision.
@Tropical_Willie Yes, super compact, as they are in wrecks. lol

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@Coloma Did you view the video I posted ? ? They are survivable.

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I know they’re ugly and dangerous, all I need to know.

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^^^ LOL
@Tropical_Willie Yes, interesting, thanks. Still they are extremely minute little things, the basic laws of physics rule methinks.
I felt like Fred Flintstone driving around. haha

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