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What is Minimum educational qualification for get admission in MBA.

Asked by charliewarhol (25points) February 12th, 2013

What is your opinion about bringing minimum educational qualification for get admission in MBA?

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It all depends on the school but a bachelors degree would be the first step with a minimum GPA. They may also require a minimum score on your GRE if they have that for a entrance test.

Check with the school you are interested in, their admission office or catalog would have the requirements.

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The University of Florida average GMAT score is 670. You can find the average score for the schools you are interested in at their websites or possibly at one of the education sites that compiles this information. Remember, that score is only a small part of it. You have essays and many other parts of the application to fill out.

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Many MBA programs would like you to have some business working experience as well.

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