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Photo Quiztion3: Whadizzit!? [Details Inside].

Asked by rebbel (25207points) February 12th, 2013

Third and last episode of Quiztion:
I post a photo that I took.
Can you tell me what (you think) it is?
The winner wins!

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Close up of a door chain lock.

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I can’t seem to make heads or tails of this one. It sorta looks like a door chain.
Damn! @DrBill beat me to the answer.

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Yep, same answer as everyone else.

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Just because I rewarded you three Jellies with a GA doesn’t mean you got it right.

But yeah, you are right, all three of you….... (Damn, I suck in this photo quiz :-( )


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Come on @rebbel, this is a great brain teaser of a game you’ve got going. Let’s see how challenging you can get.;-) And no, you don’t suck at photography.

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Thanks, @AmWiser!
I will reconsider (and think of some a little harder to get right)!

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Don’t give up. It’s difficult to hit the right mark between obvious and impossible. Enlarging and miniaturizing are another part of the puzzle. You’re obviously enjoying posing the problems and we’re enjoying watching you and trying to solve them.

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Do keep posting these! I keep hoping to catch one before it’s done…

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I guessed it too but I like your new game @rebbel.

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Stevie Wonder would’ve identified that one ;¬}

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