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Does anyone on Fluther recognise this statue?

Asked by anartist (14774points) February 12th, 2013

From a study of the picture it looks like the sculptors name begins with G. There is also a foundry mark [these are at the base of the statue]. It is in a park or something that MIGHT be near a highway [see the green sign in BG?]. To me it has the feeling of Brancusi or Moore. Ideas?


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@anartist I had the same thought you did, Moore or Brancusi. But it more likely is following their style. It’s too up in the air to be a Moore, whose work is mostly well grounded. And it doesn’t have the sharp clean line of a Brancusi. Do you know where it is? There are a lot of Scandinavian and German artists who do this kind of work.

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Don’t know where it is, either.

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Hah! And I was googling for “mushroom” sculptures.

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@gailcalled Are you familiar with his work? I’m impressed by your detective work! This is a little funny because it points up how a realistic sculpture becomes abstract when viewed from behind. It reminds me of this statue in Boboli Gardens in Florence,When I saw it all I could think of was the song by Pete Townshend Face the Face
For those interested its actual name is tindaro screpolato.

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We have our own local sculptor of giant heads several miles away, so I consider myself an expert.

This is big enough to enter from the inside and climb to the second floor. See here

Roy Kanwit’s Giant Head

If you are driving N up the Taconic Parkway, this is sited in such a way as to loom into view several miles before the Spencertown exit.

Here’s his house hand-made out of stones from the river.

The Grausman sculpture did set off a small alarm. I had seen it somewhere.

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@gailcalled I am going to Tanglewood this summer. Is it anywhere near to there? I like Roy Kanwit’s Giant head! The house is very cool. I love stone houses in general. That whole organic style and wabi-sabi spirit is what I live for!

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It is an easy 30 minutes drive from the gates of Tanglewood.

Where are you coming from, where do you plan to stay and will you have a car? Roy’s place is open to the public. You drive in, park and wander at will at no charge.

There is also the really wonderful outdoor Sculpture Park nearby called Art Omi. You get a serious exercise unit as well when you roam over the 60 acres and 80 works of art.

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@gailcalled you are marvelous!!!!!

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@gailcalled We’re coming from New Jersey and we will be staying close by Tanglewood. We always go to MassMOCA and this year we will probably be seeing Martha Graham Dance Company at Jacob’s Pillow. I can’t wait!! Thank you so much for the tip about Roy’s sculpture garden and Art Omi. We’ll try to fit it in the itinerary. We will also be seeing Beethovan’s 9th Symphony.

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@gailcalled a friend who likes my research was trying to stump me. He doesn’t know about fluther.

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@Earthgirl: Well, if you’re looking for more marvels, there is the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, one of my favorite museums in the world. A pretty drive, big enough for extraordinary exhibits but small enough to not trigger museumitis and wonderful food to eat outside on a balmy summer day (such as fresh poached salmon with dill sauce.) Probably a 45 minute drive from Lenox.

Jacob’s PIllow is also marvelous. I am not crazy about the exhibits I have seen at Mass mica.

@anartist; Tell him to bring it on.

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@gailcalled Oh we know about the Clark. We’ve been there before. You know what was funny? Last time we went to MassMOCA there was a video with a costume I made in it. It was in the Oh Canada exhibit! I had no idea they were using it and I was laughing my ass off.

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@gailcalled Thank you for the tips! I keep meaning to check out the birthplace of W.E.B. DuBois, but it always comes up on me so quickly on that road. Is it worth a stop?

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@wildpotato: Restoring the boyhood homesite of DuBois in Great Barrington is a work in progress.

Add to all of the sites mentioned above, the Norman Rockwell Museum in W. Stockbridge, the home of Daniel Chester French, Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, and the marvelous, stunning Olana, on the Hudson River, home of Frederick Church. Olana is just south of Hudson, NY., about a 50 minute drive west of Lenox, MA.

@Earthgirl: I would think you would have been thrilled to see your costume in the MA MOCA video. Why “laughing {your} ass off”?

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@gailcalled I hadn’t realized that the Marc Cohn song was about a real place*. Maybe you’ll like it.

*I’ve only listened to it until now; I hadn’t seen this video until moments ago.

PS: You may as well listen to more of his stuff while you’re in YouTube.

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CWOTUS: Interesting. I never heard of the guy. Not my kind of music; melody and harmonics too monotonous and repetitive. But thanks. Now, if he had used a harpsichord…

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@gailcalled Believe me, I was thrilled! But the actual video wasn’t all that great. It was the shock of seeing my costume in it that made me laugh. It was so surreal!!!

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@Earthgirl: Here’s the summer schedule of shows at the Norman Rockwell Museum They sound like fun.

HIghlights: a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Walt Disney’s first feature-length animation film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” celebrating its 75th anniversary;

four new installments in the “Distinguished Illustrator” Series featuring “New Yorker” drawings, picture book art, iconic advertising images and other works by America’s contemporary illustration artists;

a career retrospective of the “impermanent art” of Jarvis Rockwell;

and fresh looks at classic works by Norman Rockwell.

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@gailcalled yet another surprise from you. Jarvis Rockwell is so new to me that I first reqd his name as Jamie.
We have some nice N.C. in the National Cathedral. At least one altarpiece.

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@anartist: What is N.C.?

Norman is Jarvis’s pop.

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