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What video editing software is best for an amateur film maker?

Asked by Begeara (376points) February 13th, 2013

Hello all,

Recently my friends and I have been busy spamming the internet with our frivolity and humor via a youtube channel. Thus far I’ve been using my mothers laptop and imovie editing software to edit our skits. It’s fine and dandy for now, however pretty soon we’re going to be getting into some more heavy duty filming.

So I was wondering what different film editing softwares everyone else uses? (Also I’m using a PC for this now, not a mac.)

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Ok, I’d try Sony Vegas, it’s expensive but is probably the best software out there. I got a cracked version but lost it when I reformatted my system. Ohh well…

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A friend of mine had Sony Vegas and told me he couldn’t make heads or tails of it. But that’s probably because he wasn’t paying attention to the instructions nor taking much time to actually figure out what he was doing

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Adobe Premier gets high marks. ... and isn’t there a version of Apple’s Final Cut Pro for Windows?

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I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9. It is a little daunting at first, but you just have to use it a few times to get used to it. There a few tutorials on Youtube on how to use it.

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Final cut express

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final cut pro X… no doubt about it, it can be pretty awesome (especially) with Motion 5.

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@AlbertKinng I don’t think they sell final cut express anymore.. FCPX took over.

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@joebarnas ebay? Search for OEM apps on the internet. It works for me!

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