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Do I need an anti-virus on my laptop?

Asked by eReader (15points) February 14th, 2013


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Windows – Hell Yes!
UNIX – nope
Apple – Nah

What OS are you running?

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Any Windows system needs antivirus protection as well as something geared more towards spyware. Personally, I use Avira and Spybot S&D. Other operating systems are generally safe.

For the benefit of non-geeks, I should add on to @blueiiznh‘s answer by saying UNIX includes many OSs, the two most well-known being Linux and OS X.

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I am writing to you now from a Linux system. I do not have anti-virus installed and haven’t ever had an issue. This isn’t to say that I couldn’t one day but with Windows it is a certainty you will have issues EVEN WITH VIRUS PROTECTION. This is because virus scanners lag behind virus writers. If you really really love Windows and think it is way better than anything else you in the minority. People still use Windows because they falsely believe switching will cost them more time than it saves. They also already paid for it when they purchased their computer. They probably have an investment in Windows-only software. Eventually phones might cause people to switch off Windows but it is too soon to say for sure. Non-Windows users often HATE Windows after they have seen the light and so they spend time and energy to tell others.

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@muhammajelly Look how many people still use Internet Explorer despite the availability of free alternatives like Firefox and Chrome. I think the root of it is that people prefer to take the path of least resistance and use what comes pre-installed; since most computers have Windows and IE already there, many people don’t even bother looking for alternatives and settle for what is already there.

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Yes! I especially if you have Windows. I recommend you try Unthreat Antivirus, it’s a free antivirus and it does a great job of protecting my computer without slowing it down and interrupting my work.

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Anti virus is very important for detecting malware and other threats.

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