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What do you drink in the morning, at home?

Asked by jca (35989points) February 16th, 2013

Coffee, tea, juice, water? Hot chocolate? Ice tea?

What do you drink in the morning, at home? What gets you going before you leave the house?

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Coffee. Cream and sugar.

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Strong black coffee, wake-up juice.

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Just water or sometimes grapefruit juice. Then I drink one cup of coffee when I get to the office.

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Usually water.

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Cat’s essence. takes a while to milk him, though.

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Unsweetened iced tea with lemon, year ‘round.

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Coffee, light and sweet… (as I take my first sip of today) Aaaaaah!

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I get up and drink a lot of water and then I eat like 30 minutes later and drink coffee.

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Yep, coffee, with cream and sugar.
On my first cup right now at 6:55 a.m. PST. Mmmm good! ;-)

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Caffeine. I prefer black coffee, but if I’m in a rush, black tea or diet mountain dew will serve.
On days I get to stay at home, 2 cups of black coffee and 2 cups of Emergen-C.

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Strong, black coffee.

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A glass of milk and water.

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I drink a couple cups of black coffee and a small glass of orange juice. Some mornings, I’m especially thristy so I’ll have a large glass of water to go with everything else.

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More coffee.
Lots of water.

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Water, or coffee if my dad brings me some on the weekend.

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Orange juice.

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I’ve been on a huge tea kick lately. I have probably close to 10 varieTEAS right now. So whichever is most appealing to me that day is what I drink. Right now I’m having a cup of passion fruit mango tea

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I don’t drink anything, because I wake up 10 minutes before I have to go lol.

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I start the morning brewing 48 ounces and drinking between 18 and 24 ounces of black coffee (I have a 12 oz. mug). The rest is in a thermos for my afternoon and evening cup of joe.

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I haven’t drank tea since 11:16am on Sat May 29th 1993, amid rumours it can lead to mild autism ;-}

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Instant coffee with soymilk or regular non-fat milk.

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Water almost every day with the occasional hot chocolate in the coldest days of winter.

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Water/orange juice. Usually orange juice as I don’t like water.

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Coffee with half and half.

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Water. Always water.

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Water. I try to drink 36 oz. per day. I stopped drinking tea because it was staining my teeth. I didn’t like water at first, but now I much prefer it.

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Freshly brewed Earl Gray tea with a few crumbs of sugar.

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My first drink of the day is always tea, because I find it more refreshing than coffee. Later on I’ll switch to coffee. I always drink coffee black, and tea either without milk or with a splash of soyamilk/ricemilk/whatever other non-dairy substitute I happen to have in the fridge.

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Coffee. Very strong, with some milk in, no sugar. But coffee makes me thirsty, I usually have one to three glasses of water during and after the coffee. Something I think my kidneys probably appreciate, too.

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Orange juice, milk in my cereal and then tea.

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Coffee with cream and artificial sweetener.

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Coffee with non-fat milk. A glass of good belly probiotic juice with chia seeds mixed in.

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Coffee with sugar and 2% milk.

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Sprite Zero. I need carbonation first thing in the morning, but not caffeine or sugar.

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Rockinwellness with almond milk. I take it with a mound full of pills. I have tea once I get to work. I used to have water. But am now on a restricted water diet.

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I slam down at least two 16 ounce glasses of water (with a dash of orange or coconut juice) with my vitamins. Also I drink three small 4 ounce cups of green tea. Then do my exercise routine before heading off to work.

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@Blackberry : Wow, you wake up 10 minutes before you leave? It makes me stressed just to think about that. So you don’t heed nature’s call before going to work?

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Usually just water with lemon. Sometimes I make coffee but usually I just wait to drink it at work, a shop, or my boyfriends house. Every once in a while I make green tea with the honey my mother harvested and mailed to me. It is so amazing, and makes everything 10000000000000000x better. Recently I’ve been juicing my own OJ cause oranges were on sale and I bought 10 pounds for 2 bucks.

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Coffee and only coffee! I have a cup whiile I am getting ready in the morning and another large cup on the subway on the way to work. Only on weekends I may have an orange juice with my coffee.
rosehips What is the thinking behind a water restricted diet? I’ve never heard of that.

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Double bourbon and a lude.

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@Earthgirl It is for the management of acsities. I was retaining fluid in my peritnatal (sp) sac due to decreased liver function. Decompensated liver failure and portal hypertension.

I was able to stop it by extreme dietary measures they usually only recommend for much worse cases.

In other words you will probably never need to be on it.

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Small glass of juice to wash down my pills.

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Urine. Straight. ;)

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I wake up for my tea. I am so addicted :)

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I’m the only one who drinks soda first thing, huh? I am weird. :’(

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Diet soda is really detrimental to your health, @augustlan. I think it is the new cigarette.

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Probably. I smoke, too. Doomed.

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I just about always start drinking water when I wake up, regardless of whether it’s AM or PM.

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Tea with milk and sugar.

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@bookish1 Well, maybe 20 minutes. I take showers at night so all I do in the morning is relieve myself, put my clothes on, brush my teeth and go.

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Coffee or cappuccino.

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