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How important is television and movie watching and streaming to your home life?

Asked by jca2 (16391points) February 3rd, 2024

How important is television watching, movie watching and streaming to your home life?

I will have the TV on during the morning, for news during the week, and maybe on the weekends a few cooking shows. Not to really pay close attention, but it will be background, along with coffee and internet. At night, I’ll watch TV or stream a movie or show, and then I’ll watch the news at 11 and if I am awake, maybe a late night show like Colbert or Fallon.

If something big happens on the news, I’m used to having it available. If there’s an award show or big sports show like the Super Bowl, I may not pay rapt attention but I like that it’s available.

I could live without TV and streaming of course, if I had to, but it’s nice to have and I’m accustomed to having it.

A friend lives very frugally and she and her husband have no TV, no cable, no streaming services. I couldn’t imagine it.

How about you? How important is TV, cable and streaming for you?

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All we do is stream we have two paid for channels, and six others free and that’s plenty of TV for us.

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I go in phases. If I’m into a really good book, I might go several days without turning on the TV although I do generally watch Jeopardy. If I’ve found a good series on streaming, I might watch an hour or so a night in addition to Jeopardy. I rarely binge watch, partly because my back starts to hurt after a while. I do watch streaming movies at times. I rarely put on the TV during the day unless I’m not feeling well. I could live without it but it certainly is a nice addition to my down time.

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The only streaming subscription I pay for is Crunchyroll. I cancelled Netflix years ago, when they announced advertising. Anything else I want to watch I ‘acquire’ elsewhere, yarrr.

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I have tv on most of the day for noise (think Andy Griffith), but rarely actually watch it until the evening. I would eventually get used to it, but wouldn’t like having no tv.

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I have the TV on most of the day for background noise, the dog is less likely to go berserk at the sound of a butterfly going by.
I know that by old standards, I watch too much TV, but I think that with the new tech, standards have changed.
During this bout with Long Covid, I am grateful for all the viewing choices. Reading requires more energy than viewing.

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I find that as I get older, although I’m still only in my early fifties, I have less and less patience for TV in general. Part of that is probably due to the fact that there’s a lot less in the way of quality shows on, but I think part of it is also due to the fact that I appreciate quiet more and more.

I got rid of my cable about 3 years ago and have never looked back. But I do have Wi-Fi and internet and I do streaming. I used to put on one of the major news networks in the morning but as I don’t have to get up as early for work anymore, those are usually off by the time I get up. And I find too that I want to limit how much news I absorb throughout the day so I don’t necessarily want to have the news running in the background because after a while just becomes so much more noise. I check Twitter and Facebook and when I go on YouTube before bed to watch a couple videos, there’s headlines from MSNBC, so between those couple of sources, I usually hear if anything really big is happening. Or my sister will message me and ask if I heard about something. I don’t even really watch local news much anymore unless they’re calling for a snowstorm or severe weather in the summer and then I will pop it on.

I have no patience for typical TV shows anymore although I do like to occasionally watch reruns on streaming back from when TV was good, like Seinfeld, the older Simpsons’ seasons, All In the Family, and other good shows from the past. Perhaps some of my turn off from TV is a reaction from when I lived with my mom for 3 years and she always had the TV on. Because I tried to keep her company as much as possible when I was home from work, I think sometimes that got old, although I always let her choose what she wanted to do. Some of the shows we watched together I did enjoy but I like to read and such and so I never would have chosen to have the TV on as much as she did.

I do have Netflix, Max, and Amazon Prime, and I will occasionally, mostly on the weekends, find a movie that I want to watch but even then there aren’t that many movies that really grab me. There are some good TV series on streaming. I am currently watching The Crown which I never got past season 2 on so I am really enjoying that. But even then I try not to be watching more than one streaming show at a time because you end up just watching one to the exclusion of the other.

I have YouTube TV for the local channels and I definitely watch my football team during football season. I would watch my baseball team as well but unfortunately MASN, which at least in my part of the country covers 99% of the games, is only available if you have cable, so I have to listen to my baseball games on the radio when I have time. I actually just decided to give up YouTube TV at least during Lent, so for about 6 weeks. I did it for several reasons. One, sadly, as of last weekend, my football team is now out of the playoffs. I may or may not watch the Super Bowl but my services last through the middle of the month. It’s also kind of a test to see if I want to give it up for a longer period of time. YouTube TV is really reasonable compared to having cable but it’s still $75 a month and if I’m hardly watching TV, then I’m trying to decide if I should be spending that every month. Although I would certainly renew it again in time for football season this coming fall.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9.

I love watching TV, I learn a ton watching TV and streaming. My husband and I both enjoy watching TV.

TV is also a comfort, similar to comfort food. As a young girl watching TV was an escape from the drudgery of life.

This past week I was sick and thank goodness I had sit-coms to watch. The worst days I barely was watching, the TV was just on, but then as I felt better, but still not able to go out, the TV was great entertainment, made me laugh, and I am grateful.

I’m lucky that where I live there is also a ton to do, so I am not just sitting at home all day watching TV, but I still look forward to relaxing with the TV for at least a few hours a day.

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<———giggles at the visual of the dog barking at a butterfly

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I watch very little TV and movies. I spend hours and hours on the internet.

Though i have been unemployed through December and January, so I watched a lot of movies. It’s a treat. I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, library DVDs, and library Kanopy streaming.

If you have a library card, look to see if you have Kanopy. The selection is huge and diverse.

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Not at all to my wife unless it’s the Hallmark Channel.

My daughter and I watch some shows together, but she’s not into movies.

I love movies and have a long list of shows to stream. Sadly, I don’t have the free time to keep up with even half of them.

If I had more time or if my family enjoyed the same stuff I do, it would be much more important

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The TV isn’t touched during the daytime unless for a sport event. Some evenings it stays unplugged as well. We like to watch sports and movies. We have, surprisingly, found some really good TV series on Netflix and Prime. We watched Longmire two times without a break. It might be the best TV series I’ve ever watched. I know the main character is my all time favorite fictional character.

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My foster kittens unplugged the soundbar to my tv and I haven’t watched it since.
They all got adopted about 6 weeks ago.

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My TV is on from 11am to midnight with movies or news.

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It’s important to me that the TV NOT be just “on in the background!”

I hate that. It drives me nuts. I generally can’t ignore it, so I can’t concentrate on anything else with the TV on. Especially broadcast TV. I haven’t had “live channels” in a home I’ve lived in since about 2008.

TV gets watched for a reason deliberately, or not at all. And none of us tolerate any ads.

We tried not watching any TV for a while recently. It was kind of nice. Meant more time in the day for ourselves. We had more conversations.

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I watch the evening news most days, 3–5 movies per week, and follow a few shows. My current favs are The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and I just started rewatching Lost.

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@kruger_d I loved The Last of Us. My daughter watched it – she’s a teen, and she wanted me to watch it. At first, the first episode, I didn’t like it because it was very gory and that’s not really my type of show, but then it got better and I loved the story and the scenery. It makes me want to take a trip out to the filming location, Waterton Lakes park in Canada.

Breaking Bad is on a list in my mind of shows I need to watch one day. Friends loved The Walking Dead but kind of like the first episode of Last of Us, I don’t know if the gore is for me.

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^^ If Breaking Bad is on your list, add Better Call Saul. They intertwine with some of the same characters. Breaking Bad first, then Saul. I’ve seen both twice…loved them!

Hesitated regarding Last of Us – not my kind of thing at all, but it was getting such high praise that I checked it out. Watched it all the way through twice! Loved the gay guys’ storyline! Cried cried.

Recently watched Everything Everywhere All at Once due to it being the Academy Award winner. Plan on watching it again just because there was so much to pick up on. I really liked it! You have to watch it with an open, relaxed mind and simply accept rather than trying to get all rational or analytically figure it out.

I just have to mention Marcel, the Shell with The Shoes On. Simply adorable!

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@smudges Have you seen Somebody Somewhere? It’s a drama but funny (a dramedy). I liked it a lot. I think it was only one or two seasons but they’re going to do another.

Another that I loved was Better Things. It was about a single mom of 3 daughters in LA, and the trials and tribulations. Both Somebody Somewhere and Better Things were touching and funny but also dramatic.

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Thank you, I’ll check them out! Always on the lookout for good viewing.

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I could live without it easily and focus more on hobbies or reading or fitness. My husband has all of the streaming services though so I have gotten used to my beloved korean movies on Netflix.
It’s on early for the news, back on for Jeopardy, then usually he picks something like Joe Rogan or New Heights, Theo, etc.. We did watch the new Wonka this weekend, and I watched the Casey Anthony Lie Detector test.

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