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Are you or an organization you are part of on the NRA's enemies list?

Asked by ETpro (34589points) February 16th, 2013

If you haven’t heard about the list, do not assume you’re safe. There are a sizable list of celebrities, athletes and ordinary people who somehow have ended up on the NRA’s enemies list. And when it comes to organizations, the AARP and virtually all organizations supporting the elderly are on the NRA enemies list. So I’m on it. Women’s groups, medical organizations, police and law enforcement groups, religious groups, Jewish groups, teaching and school organizations, sports teams and celebrities galore have made the grade to incur the NRA’s wrath. Are you a supporter or member of any of their hated groups, one of their targeted individuals, or are you one of the select few the NRA doesn’t hate? Here’s more on who’s on the now hidden list (2 copies of the list, found on the NRA web site singe Feb 2 have both been removed due to press coverage).

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I’m a member of AARP, and AAA. Since I’m old and don’t drive with a gun in the car, I would guess that I’m on their list.

If someone from the NRA reads this and finds that I am not on the list please let me know so that I can make sure that I am added to the list. The NRA has switched from a group that liked to hunt and shoot at targets to a right wing nut job lead bunch of suckers.

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I think Charlton Heston was a shit actor who stole some of the hair from the monkey costumes in Planet of the Apes & used it as badly fitted toupee…put my name down.

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I have not joined yet but I have several family members who belong to the National Education Association and of course I will join as soon as I graduate.

Frankly I think that any list that counts groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Anti-Defamation League and the YWCA as enemies must have been created by either crazy people or racists. Wayne La Pierre is a fitting spokesman for that bunch of freaks. As was good old Charlton Heston.

For anyone who would like to see some of the organizations on the list, here is link to the list in writing.

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I certainly could care less if I was on their list. It just proves that they are super paranoid and shouldn’t own guns. They are just pissed that people are trying to remove guns from their crazy little hands. I’m sure the FBI and Homeland Security has a list with their names on it as well. As they should. Crazy people and guns just don’t mix. Like a drunk driving a car.

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*could not care less

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Oh, the irony. Doesn’t it seem likely that most NRA members are on the list? The selection of named “enemy” organizations is so broad and expansive, it must cross with nearly everyone who belongs to the NRA.

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@ragingloli Please don’t shoot me. LOL

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@Ron_C Thanks. I too feel honored to support several listed organizations.

@ucme Roger that. :-)

@SuperMouse Thanks for finding the list now that it’s been scrubbed from the NRA site.

@Pandora You’ve put your finger on it. The NRA used to be an advocacy group for gun owners and sports enthusiasts interested in hunting or target practice. By simply advocating for that constituency, they could fulfill their real purpose, which is to constantly push for more gun sales. They are, in truth, a trade association funded by and beholden to the gun and gun accessory industries.

What’s changed is who is buying guns. The curve of households having a gun has gone down in the USA over the last 20 years, but the curve of the number of guns owned by US citizens has risen consistently. That means that fewer and fewer people are buying guns. But those that are buying are building large caches of weapons, accessories and ammunition. The market is now fueled by paranoia. So to drive the market, the NRA now appeals to fear of the “Jack Booted Thugs” that are the nation’s law enforcers. La Pierre paints dystopian pictures of a Mad Max world to come where only the most massively armored among us will survive. The job is still to sell as many guns as possible for the real money men behind the NRA, the gun industry. But the changing market demographics have required the NRA to adopt the preaching of wold paranoia. Selling guns requires stoking the terror of the cowards who are convinced the UN has an army and black helicopters pour out of the New York UN Headquarters at night, ready at any moment to round up all the guns so we can be herded into FEMA reeducation camps.

@ragingloli Yeah, I took it that is what @Pandora meant. Let’s let her live… This time.

@SadieMartinPaul Indeed. As noted above, it’s no longer about the members. It’s all about the people who supply the real funding. And a utterly crazy NRA acts as a heat shield for the real corporate money behind the NRA.

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It looks like they believe the whole “If you’re not with us you’re against us” thing, so their list of enemies will be “everyone who isn’t a paid-up member of the NRA”.

When crazy people like this can legally own and use guns it makes me glad I live in the UK.

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The NRA’s latest paranoia, fear and hatred campaign. is selling A LOT of guns and ammo.

I spoke to a guy today who works in a gun shop. They have NO guns and NO ammo. Zero. They sold everything after the NRA stoked the national freakout after Sandy Hook.

For laughs, call your local stores which sell ammo and ask for some 9mm. They won’t have any.

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There are some of those I do not support, but I also do not consider them enemies either. There are some on the list I do support, but being on the list is of no concern to me.

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@jaytkay Oh God..I work with the paranoid gun freaks….one woman is going out to buy a hand gun this week because her husband is traveling for 2 weeks. It’s all I can do to keep my mouth shut around these yayhoos. Jesus…you hit the nail on the head…a campaign of paranoia, fear and hatred. I am on the verge of leaving this god damn country for greener global pastures.

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Reason to be a member of the NRA good gun insurance.

I am not a member. I do own a gun. I know how to shoot and I do practice.

Saying that doesn’t make me paranoid. I am not. I did consider becoming an NRA member if I did become a gun collector but its not worth it for one gun.

As far as the politics of it that happened over time. I do believe it was a good group and the initial idea behind is a good one. Protect gunownership hunting and target practice. One way to change it, from within.

Responding as @Coloma does is an example of escalating a downward spiral. Fear and paranoia are big topics of the day. Addressing them and the issues calmly and rationally is the only way to stop the cycle.

Answer questions be patient, be tolerant of ignorant intolerance esp if you can break through or others are listening.

You may not change some pigheadedness but in order for them to retain supporters and gain new ones they will have to address items logically and rationally otherwise they will push people away.

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The NRA is a good reason to have a hell. They can rot in hell forever for all I care. They belong there. One of the least socially responsible organizations in the world! Only they would think to have an enemies list. Because that’s how they think. It is immoral and bankrupt thinking and I fully expect to find that most NRA members are pod people fronting for aliens.

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One of my high school friends spent years as an NRA lobbyist. Before that, she’d been involved in the EPA “Superfund” money incident with Anne Gorsuch Burford and Rita Lavelle.

The amazing thing is, my former friend was Miss Radical-Progressive-Liberal back in high school. She was perennially outraged about anything even remotely conservative. My, how people change.

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@SadieMartinPaul Some people get a taste for a fight, and are happy to work for the highest bidder, so long as they get to fight.

Some change their politics.

But I’m betting your friend was a mercenary more than a true believer.

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@SuperMouse Thanks for the link. It just proves nothing will ever disappear on the internet!

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