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When you have toddlers is "Are you okay" your most common question?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36528points) February 16th, 2013

I was talking on the phone tonight with my sister and she was babysitting for my 2 year old nephew. He’s a wildman. Is that true with you?

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What I ask my kids or what people ask me?

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I guess it could be either. That’s an amazing response. It’s better than my question.

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Naw. I ignored most of their bumps and bruises. Otherwise they would have been crying all the time. But if I heard a Bam! I waited. If they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, I ignored it .If they stayed on the floor and started crying, then I came over to comfort them, and check for blood or broken bones.

I seem some parents ask are they ok all the time, and those kids cry at the drop of a hat. Kids take their cue from parents. If you act upset, they cry. If you act like things are normal, they usually act like it’s normal. Much less crying that way.

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I’m with @wundayatta ignore as much as possible.

I don’t have kids, but have babysat enough and spent time with the children of my friends to have an idea about these things. “Oops” might come out of my mouth, or “oopsa daisy.” So you sort of acknowledge it, but imply it is to be brushed off or that it is almost a game. That it is normal for them to fall down and get back up. There is a lesson in it. Toddlers are amazing at how they will keep trying and trying until they do what they want to do. In one way they are wild and all over the place, but in another they can be incredibly focused, repeating the same thing over and over until they get it right. As we get older we lose this, well some of us do. We become afraid of falling, frustrated when we have to work at something.

Anyway, if they are actually hurt with lasting pain, they will let you know most likely,

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They are old enough now that they say “I’m OK” when there are unexpected noises in their room.

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Probably “Yay!” or “Good Job!” more than “Are you OK?”. I’m with @wundayatta and @JLeslie. I don’t give boo-boos too much attention. I praise resilience and creativity.

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Ages 5 and 3, they had seen furniture moved around from time to time, especially beds. Their bed was a box springs and mattress sitting on the floor, no frame. They pushed the box springs up against the wall like a ladder, but while climbing on it, they both fell through the slats.

They were yelling “help, help”, and Dad ran in there in a panic. The original plastic was still attached, so Dad frantically ripped it off, thinking they might not be able to breathe.

They were OK, but now sleep on a camping foam and sleeping bag on the floor at their house. At my house they have two single beds on frames, and the worst I’ve had is the mattresses being used to make a tent.

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