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Can anything escape from a Black Hole?

Asked by blueiiznh (16658points) February 17th, 2013

When a mass as large as the sun is compressed into a ball a few kilometers in diameter, can anything that gets pulled into its close radius and gravity ever escape?

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No, supposedly everything gets sucked in to it’s mass.

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No, nothing could ever escape, not even light. The only thing that can “escape” from a black hole is Hawking radiation, and that actually involves negative energy falling into a black hole. Hawking radiation will eventually destroy the black hole.

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Yes, in the form of Hawking radiation, also known as evaporation.

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Nope, not even Superman . . .

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I don’t know. Still trying to figure out if we’re on the outside, being pulled in, or the inside, being sucked out.

I get the feeling that a black hole is actually the end of a giant straw, sucking out the last spittle in a universe sized slurpy cup.

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Once you in, you’re probably screwed, but according to scientist you my end up in another dimension.

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I expect; in a very special physical condition, dark matter can escape from black holes. Others than that can not.

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As I understand it, there’s a Point Of No Return – up until there, you might have the energetic wherewithal to escape.
Not entirely certain, but I think Sol’s too small to collapse into a black hole.

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No, the sun really isn’t large enough to collapse into a back hole, at least by its own means. If it were compressed, however, into a small enough space, then it would form a black hole. The problem is that it is too small for it to compress itself.

Most black holes form from much larger stars – hundreds of times larger than our sun.

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