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Kids on steroids?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 11th, 2008

I was just curious if anyone has some personal experiences they want to share about their kid(s) on steroids. My five year old has Croup and my oh my, he’s like the Hulk just as he’s getting angry, veins popping, clothes tearing, turning green! It’s been a challenging few days. What am I to do?

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why give little kids steroids???

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IDK…cause he has croup and “they” (doctors) tell me that’s what he needs. My Russian neighbor, who was once a nurse, said it turns kids brains to mush. All I know is this is the second time (for croup and steroids) and you wouldn’t believe how crazy they become on steroids unless you witness it yourself. He already has inflamed and enlarged tonsils and has a small windpipe, amongst other issues. It is terrifying to hear that cough and see your child not be able to breath. Maybe there is an alternative therapy or drug for croup (not that I found in my search)?

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There is no drug to treat croup per se. It is caused by inflammation caused by parainfluenza virus. It isn’t the virus that causes the problem, but the concomitant throat swelling. Since your doctor prescribed steroids, she must have felt like there was enough concern for stridor (the closing of the windpipe) to start the medicine. Stridor from croup can be life threatening, so I wouldn’t ditch the steroids yet, and certainly not in favor of an alternative therapy (if you mean “alternative/homeopathic”.) Sometimes racemic epinephrine is used as well, but usually only in the ER or in the hospital.

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There’s not a whole lot you can do about a kid’s reaction to steroids. I know it seems like he’s been plugged into a light socket. Sometimes peds drs will reduce the dose or add something like benadryl to calm the child, but this is case by case depending on the childs needs. If it is really bad then call your ped.
Other than that,you have to admit its funny. Take some videos for AFV and try to stay strong. Its only tempoary

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@ cherryberry: thank you so much! You are SO right, it is funny. I kept calling him the Incredible Hulk and it would make him even angrier. Great suggestion also about the video camera!

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When I was a kid, a long time ago, my mother put us under a blanket tent w. a teakettle of just-boiled water, so that we were breathing in the moist air. I can’t quite remember how she did it because the vapor we inhaled was not unbearably hot. I suppose that you could put your child in the bathroom and run a hot shower for a while.

Just found this on ditto for mayoclinic site.
“At-Home Remedies
A cool-mist humidifier may help your child breathe. Direct the mist away from the face and don’t put medications in the water; they can irritate your child’s throat.
The best approach to treating croup with steam is to run hot water full out and steam up the entire bathroom. Because the windpipe area is inflamed, cool steam is a bit better than hot, so crack open the window just slightly. Hold your child in your arms in the steamy bathroom for 20–30 minutes. If the child is not better, head for your nearest emergency room. If the child improves, give plenty of fluids and place a vaporizer—or preferably a cool mist (ultrasonic) nebulizer—at your child’s bedside as above.
Do not be surprised if the child gets worse again. The second and third nights of the disease are always the worst, and you may have to repeat the steam treatment every 1.5–2 hours.
Cold air sometimes improves croup. If the night is cool, take your child for a ride in the car with the windows down.”

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Good answer Gail! My younger brother almost died from croup and was hospitalized for more than a week. He spent the whole time in a tent like you described…

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Michael: And this started in the late 1930s with my paternal grandmother, the witch doc. She also pysched my 6 year old brother into having his warts (on hand) disappear. He followed her instructions and buried a piece of raw bacon in the back yard. Soon thereafter, the warts were gone.

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Thank you Gail. I did read all that (webMD, Mayoclinic, About) and more. On top of croup, my son has a small windpipe and enlarged tonsils (for quite a while now) which adds to his trouble breathing and probably why steroids were warranted. This is our second bout with croup and it is scary. I did put my son in the bathroom with the shower running a few times. He is improving. Cough is not as bad and steroids have worn off. It’s been a heck of a week and now I am sick :-P

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@Bead. I’m really glad to hear that he is getting better. Whew. You should know that since croup is a catch all term for the throat inflammation you described, that kids can (sadly) have multiple bouts of “croup” from a variety of viruses. Fortunately, he is 5 years old, and most kids outgrow croup after the age of 5.

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