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Why does my cat go into the bathroom to meow?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) February 20th, 2013

My cat will go into the empty bathroom (sometimes in the tub) and meow as loud as she can. There is absolutely nothing in there for her to yell at. Why would she be doing this?

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She wants you to go hang out in there with her!

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Don’t laugh—he/she may like the privacy and the acoustics. My cat likes the tub, too—must be the texture and coolness of the porcelain

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I speak better dog than I do cat, but I’m guessing she wants some attention. Plus cats like smaller more confined spaces where they feel safer. They don’t like wide open places.

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Probably the acoustics. I have one too.

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That is funny, but yeah the accoustics seems to be the explanation to me.

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That’s cool, Do you really think cats appreciate accoustics?

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Maybe as a cat megaphone, to make her tormenting more effective, just like cats learn to make their meows sound more like the cries of human cubs children, because they know how effective it is at riling up humans.

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Cats hide their injuries very well as a survival behavior in the wild. A cat that is injured in the wild and shows it by crying out is vulnerable to predators. Perhaps your cat is injured in some way and is in pain so it finds comfort in a secluded place where it can more safely make noise. Check it over closely and or take it to a veterinarian for a checkup.

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My cat meows in the sink and the tub because he wants me to turn the water on for him to drink.

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She’s telling you it is past time for a wash?

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My younger cat loves the bathroom. Every time I get up to go, she races me up the steps to make sure she gets in there first, and as soon as I sit on the toilet, she jumps up on my lap. She often hangs out in there when nobody is in there, too. She’s not much of a ‘talker’, but since your cat is, maybe she is just loudly proclaiming her love.

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At least your cat goes to the bathroom to meow… mine just walks around my bed every morning from 330–530am just meowing like crazy for attention. The fucked part is when you finally decide, fuck it I’ll get up god damn it and give you attention the bloody cat hops on the bed and goes to sleep – _ -

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