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You know you're an animal lover, if...?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) February 22nd, 2013

Come on, fellow animals loving jellies! What are some things that animal owners get used to, that would annoy other people?

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I’ll start: If it doesn’t bother you to find a cat hair in your food.

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You know you are an animal lover when you get depressed because the chicken wont return your calls.

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Freaking out when the bread bowl is empty and you have pet geese that demand their ” bread before bed, unless you are dead.” lol
Not minding having to keep a can of lysol wipes on hand at all times when the cats crap over the side of their littler boxes or stepping on a chewed up Gopher corpse on the floor in the middle of the night. Cat doors are amazing things. haha

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When you wave to and talk to animals as you drive by them. My s/o does that. Or when you kiss a cat on the lips.

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When you let them lick your face.

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You share your pillow with your cat (when sleeping). His big ol’ self hogs it, but you squeeze in beside him because you don’t have the heart to move him.

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If you can watch videos of them giving birth, without feeling grossed out. I somehow ended up watching the most amazing video of a serval giving birth.

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* When your computer desktop is a photo of your cat
* When you show photos of your cat instead of your kids
* When his meow sounds to you like talking
* When, every morning, you clean out his litter box before you visit the john yourself
* When you feel panicky when you think about the day he won’t be with you

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You get your brand new slippers wet because your afraid the birds are working to hard digging in the snow to get the bird seed you threw out yesterday.

You move to e couch because if you try to move the dog out of the way you might wake him.

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OMG! I watched this horrible I didn’t know it would be horrible documentary last night about the exotic animal trade in Ohio. I am still feeling devastated this morning. This jerky guy was keeping a pair of lions that had 3 cubs in a freaking horse trailer and then, the male lion ended up getting electrocuted to death when the pen he was moved into was electrified by a faulty old freezer wire. I had to turn it off and I couldn’t fall asleep because it was so upsetting. WTF is WRONG with these people!!!

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^^ Sooo… you know you’re an animal lover if seeing animals be hurt in any way, seriously affects you. :)

I do the same thing, girl. I have to change the channel when that damned ASPCA commercial comes on. I just can’t bear to look at their faces. It hurts me to see that as much as seeing abused children.

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When you will drive out of your way because you saw raccoons crossing the road and you want to make sure they got across ok.

When you share what little food you have with an animal (i.e. your cat or a stray).

When you are in the store with limited funds and you spend a good portion of it on your pets.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Oh my god yes! Of course I am also highly stressed right now with potentially losing a couple of my pets, and this damn doc. just pushed me over the edge.
Terrible,terrible choice. Never again!

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@jca I once held up traffic and jumped out of my car to rescue a migrating pond turtle in the middle of the road. haha

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When you mate with them.

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When you freeze yourself with air conditioning in the summer, in the vehicle…just so they can be comfortable.
When you get body aches from sitting in an awkward position for too long….because they are just too cute to move off or out of the way.
When you’re poor and your most important food in the house is their food.
When the first thing that touches your face in the morning is dog tongue.
When you let them lick your ice cream cone.
When you’d rather sit at home snuggling your beasts than go out.

I could go on forever! Or furever :P

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When you think they should have human rights.

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…you have passionate sex with them

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inb4 Ragingloli jabs

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... the rest of that sentence was ”...about having sex with dogs”

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When you like your stake medium rare.

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Eewww, I knew someone was gonna joke about bestiality. <vomit> Gross, guys! :D

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I totally expected that from loli. lol

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Of course, someone has to do it. Speaking of which, I recently drew a picture.

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I’m glad I didn’t post my farm stuff, it would really gross you out.

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You get a hard-on watching donkey from Shrek, “fuck off dragon, his ass is all mine!”

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This is what I mean.

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When you can identify the breed of dog being served to you when being served in a traditional Korean restaurant.

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My serious answer, when your kids aren’t the only ones who shed a tear when a family pet dies.

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When you don’t mind cleaning up poop and vomit or cleaning dingle berries off of furry bottoms.

When you don’t mind sneezing and having a runny nose most of the time, due to fur allergies.

When the first thing you do when you get home is run to find your furry baby, before checking your phone messages, before going to the bathroom, before anything.

When you put the phone up to the furry critter and ask them to say hello to mommy or daddy.

When you pick them up, multiple times during the day and night and gently carry them up or downstairs, because they’re no longer able to negotiate the stairs.

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When you feel a deep feeling of love for them. It’s that simple.

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You really don’t care about shed on your black slacks.

Hold food in your mouth for them to take

Feel your day is not complete without a walk, hug, interaction

Never feel it a chore to take care of

Your Hotel choices are pet friendly

Know what the Rainbow Bridge is

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@Kardamom OMG, so true! When I pull down the driveway the geese are shrieking their greetings and the cats come running. I always tell them when I leave ” home soon!”
They know that phrase undoubtedly. First thing is the greetings before anything else. haha

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You feel more disappointed than they do that they can’t come with you when you leave the house.
Your first thing out of bed is to open the back door, then check food and water, even before you stop in the bathroom.

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You order the tofu.

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You get tears in your eyes just imagining finding your pet dead
You cry at those ASPCA commercials of neglected pets
You turn around and cross the highway to go check on a dog that was barking in a hot truck at the grocery store and almost get killed by an 18 wheeler going back
You love the thoughts of sleeping with two dogs even though your bed is off limits (strange)
You feel upset and almost nauseated when watching the Kennel Club show on tv just because you THINK THE DOGS ARE TIRED FROM ALL THE FUSS AND GROOMING.

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One of your great pleasures in life is clearing the gunk out of your Cocker’s tear ducts.

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@janbb Ever think about getting another pup?

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When you just want to pet them…when you’re looking at lions and owls and wolves and eagles and every animal there is. My husband always says, “I just want to pet them.”

When you take a thousand pictures of the dogs and cats for every one that you take of your wife. Went to an old HS friend’s house last week. Hadn’t seen her in 30 years. Rick took a couple pictures of us. He stayed downstairs talking with her husband, and Cassie and I went upstairs. Her husband has this beautiful bird. Get home, unload the pics…two pictures of Cassie and me, and about 30 of the bird.

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@Mama_Cakes I think about it a lot but not sure if I want to make the commitment right now.

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@janbb I hear ya. Although, they’re great companions. Fill a bit of that void, if you know what I mean. When you’re ready..:)

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*the 4 legged ones out number the humans in your home.

*Saturday night is spent in cuddling on the couch because too many of the fur babies will miss you if you spend the night out.

*you see a puppy or kitty photo of one of your ‘babies’ and you coo as loudly as you would for your child’s baby photo. “Oh my goodness Chumly! You were so wittle bitty.”

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When you arrange your furniture so the dog can get the best vantage point when she looks out the window.
When, after 2 years, you still haven’t cleaned the dog smudges from the front glass door because your beloved dog that has passed away made those smudges.

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Additional to my earlier ones:
You give cards to others signed by your dog.
You have a photo album specifically of your animals

Ironically I was just going through my desk looking for something and stumbled on a cache of photos and found some that were of pets from 10–15 years ago. Needless to say it brought tears and a deep miss.

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when you don’t eat any

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@chyna Awww, love that answer.

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You refuse to eat or wear them.

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When you don’t give a shit if someone calls you a crazy cat lady.

When you stop on the freeway, in the carpool lane, to snatch up a puppy.

When your last dollar goes to feed your pet and not yourself.

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When you don’t care that your neighbors hear you calling out “Breakfast!” in a sing song, nutcase voice at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon to bring the cats home.
“Breakfast” is on an intermittent reward system here, used to call my cats in whenever I want them in the house again, usually by dusk.
On my little mountain voices carry and I can only imagine all the hidden houses in these hills that get to hear my lunatic breakfast song. lol

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@Coloma, in my house, it’s a sing-song ‘Schro-ding-errr…!’ And I’m pretty sure there are a hundred people who know my cat’s name.

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^^^ LOL.. We’re all certified,clearly! haha

Seek's avatar

Bah. We’re the fun ones.

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For safety, You try their treats before they do.
You would die for them.

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I can’t even watch those PETA videos and the ASPCA commercials. They kill me.

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And the winner for extremely nuts pet owner goes to @nofurbelowsbatgirl !!! LOL
No, I do not taste test Taste of the Wild or the Greenies. I do break bread with the geezers though, they don’t like spinach dip. haha

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Haha, I would never try a cat treat!

Coloma's avatar

^^^Yeah…. Lets give a big, fat, crunchy MilkBone to @nofurbelowsbatgirl haha

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Milkbone’s are very dry. Maybe if you slathered them with butter or gravy…

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I eat what my cat eats, but he’s a spoiled little pussy who gets mostly human food. I’m not eating Friskies.

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@chyna When I was 15 friends and I passed out chocolate covered MilkBones as a Halloween trick and treat. We were in some serious doggy doo doo over that little stunt. haha

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We served Little Friskies at a few parties. They always went well.

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When you have a special “animal voice” that you use when talking to any pet, and that sounds suspiciously like baby talk. “Who’s mommy’s most favorite puppy in da while widest world? You are!”

Puppy and kitty kisses – on the mouth, and often with tongue (hopefully just theirs).

Assigning human qualities to your pets. Behaving as though they think like us or understand us when we speak to them. (We recently got a puppy and our cat is suddenly getting lots of exercise, and has therefore lost some weight. I picked her up today and, in my best valley girl voice, said “oh my god, you look so thin! what’s your secret?” She just meowed and pushed my face away with her paws when I tried to give her kisses. The kitty hates kisses, so I must steal them against her will.)

Definitely crying at ASPCA commercials. How can you not?!

You celebrate their birthday and/or buy them gifts on holidays.

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@livelaughlove21 My cats both have Christmas stockings, LOL!

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^^^ Oh yes, and I kept a fugly box full of tissue paper in the middle of my living room for a month after Xmas so the cats could play crazy, crinkle, cat house games.
Tonight they had Albacore tuna for their weekly “Tuna surprise.” treat. lol

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LOL. Ok. Ok. I confess! I don’t eat them. I just fed them to my brother.

Here is my revised answer to the question

When you love your pets more than your siblings.

My brother is a pain in the ass and the dog has liver failure, it went well as a practical joke and he ate the treat so he deserved it. And he saved the dog cuz the treat had stuff in it that the dogs liver cannot tolerate to process, @Coloma it actually was a milkbone lol, just look at the ingredients in those!

The more simple the ingredients the easier on my dog. The dogs are vegetarians right now dried up sweet potatoes are the treats and if I asked my brother he would volunteer to eat those, but they are too expensive for me to be feeding them to my greedy brother! LOL :)

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When you fantasize about their hairy legs in stilettos.

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I’m not even a dog person, but this poster made me cry in the metro almost every day.

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You think the easter bunny’s overworked & deserves a pay-rise.

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@Coloma My “Breakfast song” is “HEAH CHIPCHIPCHIPCHIPCHIPAH!” “Chipper” was the name of the first cat I ever had. I think I was 7 or 8. Yeah. The song remains the same. I just can’t hit the high note on the end like I used to.

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you know you’re an animal lover when you really have to pee but you hold it a little longer cuz you hate to disturb the peaceful look on the face of the sleeping cat sprawled across your legs :)

And I always have to change the channel before i cry when one of those ASPCA ads comes on TV.

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Its weird my husband always changed the channel when the ASPCA, WWW, Worldvision commercials came on telling me something about me spending his money yadda, yadda, yadda.

Since my husband passed, I would like to get a cup of coffee sometimes but after watching those commericials I cried so much through them I just had to do something. So now I can’t afford a coffee & I still haven’t stopped crying. wtf

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That was the strangest story I’ve ever heard, @nofurbelowsbatgirl! You SURE you’re not a zombie?

nofurbelowsbatgirl's avatar

Lmfao! In fact @Dutchess_III I knew it! You just confirmed it cuz everytime you answer me I feel I lurve your brain soo much :p

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1. when I’d rather have my legs go numb than to move a sleeping cat from my lap.
2. when I’m allergic to cats and I have two cats and am thinking of adopting two senior black cats.

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When dispite the focus on health and diseases that some dog owners let their dogs lick them in the face , particularly the mouth area of the owner! Ugh!

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You have more than one pet .

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