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Fender Gemini III, information please?

Asked by this_velvet_glove (1142points) February 24th, 2013

So, I found my uncle’s old acoustic guitar, and it’s a Fender Gemini III. Is it a good guitar? Anything interesting about it? I googled it but didn’t get many results, all I know about this guitar is that it’s kind of old (but it’s got a pretty good sound, actually).

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Fender is well known for making good guitars, that’s all I can tell you. Do you intend to play it, or sell it?

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@fremen_warrior Well, I already knew that :p And I’m not going to sell it, I’d always wanted to play a fender guitar… I like it :) But I haven’t found much information about this model… :(

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Google doesn’t really cut the mustard when it comes to searching for specific details on this model, it’s all in broken up bits and pieces scattered across the internet. Some of it may not even be relevant to your specific guitar (I notice several different build dates for Fender Gemini 3 guitars – so that makes it worse). Think I’d have to pass on this one.
Given that the details are all over the place in bits and pieces, I would get in touch with Fender directly via their website to see if they can shed some light on it.

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From Google I gather the Gemini was Fender’s inexpensive import (several people say Korean) and people who have them like them.

Probably not much resale value. So the real value is you like it as a player.

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@this_velvet_glove well if you’re going to play it, and it sounds good, waht else do you need to know? ;-)

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I agree with @fremen_warrior, if it sounds good and you will play it, hang on to it.

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