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Is this reason enough to be a skeptic?

Asked by ETpro (34563points) February 25th, 2013

An apparently talented psychic reveals his trick, and it just might scare the heck out of you. What conscious steps do you take to guard against getting fleeced by a charlatan?

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Link no workey.

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Clever. Type in my name and surname into google, however, and all you will find will be news about a football player who shares the exact same name – I don’t exist on the internet ;-)

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If you’ve every tried to research someone, you know it’s not always that easy. I’m skeptical of the ad.

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It’s reason enough to make your online profiles private, and to not take offers to appear on reality television.

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Well… this video isn’t about people being taken in by “psychics”. It’s about how careful we are about keeping our online information secure. It isn’t likely that a “psychic” would have talented hackers behind the curtain; the point is that hackers exist in the world, and that they can gain access to your identity or your money if you do not take the appropriate steps to keep that information private.

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How likely it is that a psychic would employ “hackers” depends solely on their cost-benefit analysis.
All psychics are scammers, and if they can use the internet to make their scams more profitable, they will do it.
After all, the more accurate and in depth their “mind reading abilities” are, the more money they can charge their victims.

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@ragingloli Perhaps some do; I’m saying that that is not the point of the video.

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I only deal with valid professional businesses.

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@bookish1 Thanks. Wish I’d gotten back to this earlier.

Thanks to @ragingloli for the backup link.

@fremen_warrior I’m the exact opposite. With a book still in print, a website for my business, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages, I’m all over the Internet.

@Seek_Kolinahr I look at it differently. The 50 grand per episode would be reason enough to appear on reality TV. Just when you do, recognize that privacy is a thing of the past.

@glacial There are psychics who prey on billionaires. So the message is twofold. Psychics are clever fraudsters, and today’s Internet means most of us have far more about ourselves in the public realm than we realize. Before posting, it’s wise to think about who might read what you’re about to share.

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Strange the link gave me a 404 error.

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Life is full of frauds willing to take your money.

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