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When was the last time someone touched you?

Asked by flutherother (34625points) February 28th, 2013

I mean physical contact of any sort. When did it happen? Why did it happen?

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I kissed my husband goodbye this morning.

I think that’s the last time. I’ve gone ten hours without physically contacting another living thing.

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Last night I hugged my daughter.

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Just a few minutes ago. I was preparing my husband’s supper and he came in and gave me a kiss when I told him to ‘come and get it.’—Hope you are feeling better, @Hawaii_Jake. (((HUGS)))

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I just kissed my daughter night-night…school tomorrow so early to bed.

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@bkcunningham Thank you. I am feeling better. :-) HUGS

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I got a hug from a co-worker this morning—as a thanks for a birthday gift.

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Just now I was scratching my back, and my boyfriend reached over to help me which was…..weird…...but physical contact, so I guess it counts.

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I hugged my Mom in December.

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This morning when my husband gave me a big hug and a kiss before going off to work. We are serious snugglers.

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My husband kissed me goodbye when I took him to the train station.

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About an hour ago I hugged some of my grandkids while dropping them off at home:-)

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About 10 minutes ago, my 4-year-old sat on my lap and farted. I’m serious.

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Well, about two hours ago, my cat… oh, does that count?

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I was being overdramatic about dying in a video game and my boyfriend came over and patted my shoulder in a somewhat sarcasticly reassuring way. Haha. That was probably about an hour ago.

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My daughter hugged me when I picked her up from a friends house a few hours ago.

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My reiki lady gave me a very nice hug yesterday at our appt.

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I shook a musician’s hand at a concert last night. He was cute but straight, haha.

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The barber touched my head today whilst i was getting my hair cut.

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I get hugs by friends in my walking group and at other meet-ups but outside of that I don’t really get touched.

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My wife hugged me about half an hour ago. A few minutes before that, my son and wife and I hugged. A few minutes after that my son and I were playing some kind of weird game which involved him doing the “Philly shake,” spinning around and around and coming after me and kind of hitting me while flailing about with his arms.

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My friend Matthew hugged me this morning.

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Mr. Laureth and I have our desks next to each other. At least 2–3 times per evening, he leans over, takes my hand, and kisses each finger. :) It’s really cute. So that was maybe half an hour ago.

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About an hour ago I touched a friend’s arm as I was saying goodbye to her. Before that she had come up behind me and patted my shoulder.
I plan to touch my husband in some way or another before we go to sleep in a few minutes.

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Do pets count? One of my dogs came up for a cuddle. It’s a rainy day and she obviously felt the need for a bit of a snuggle.

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@Bellatrix Yes, pets count. The first Mother’s Day after my girl’s mother died, I was feeding the dogs, and I turned around and she was sobbing. I let the dogs out immediately and they ran right to her and took care of her.

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That’s very sweet @Adirondackwannabe. They do pick up on our emotions.

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I kissed and hugged my wife goodbye on Tuesday.

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@Bellatrix It was amazing. They knew what to do. They usually sit on me, but that time they went right to her.

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Someone touches me, I’m hacking their hands off. Away wit’ yeh! Unless they’re my cats. Who touched me today. :D They’re all soft and fuzzy!

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You’d have to catch me first. Anyway, I’m tying you up before I touch you. Don’t bother protesting. I know what you want! And no pillows, either! Just you, rope, and the cold, hard slate floor. Then we’ll see about hacking.

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Got a full body hug from my husband this morning, which is not easy for him since he has no use of his lower legs and has to hold on to something tin order to stand.

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My cat is touching me right now. I guess before that….a couple hours ago when I hugged my friend at work.

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I find it interesting that physical contact with other people has become an event you remember for hours. Personally, I can’t remember whether or not I gave any of my family members a hug before bed, or anything like that. I don’t pay attention to this sort of thing because I’m not a germ freak. I’m careful to keep my immune system up, and I hardly ever come down with anything. The first time I got a cold/flu in a year or so was Tuesday night, and I’m completely over it now, 48 hours later. The people whom I must’ve gotten it from had it for over a week. I must be doing something right.

From a psychological standpoint, I find it interesting that people are generally becoming more secluded and independent from others. I can’t imagine a life without relying on the people around me, both friends and family. I give and receive hugs freely. I can’t see how I could be in the minority in being a social creature. All in all, freaking out about germs just seems like a bad idea on several levels.

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I can’t speak for anyone else in this thread @RandomGirl but I didn’t even consider germs in this discussion. I remember the last time I touched my husband or pet because it was a positive thing. I don’t take it for granted and even if it happens 20 times a day, it’s a lovely and memorable thing. I think you are the first person to draw a connection between touching and germs. I also don’t think you are in the minority in being a social creature. What is it about the responses above yours that makes you feel that way? I’m also not getting the connection to germs you seem to be seeing?

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My husband and I largely spend our time on two different floors of our house, but whenever we venture to the other floor for any reason (the bathroom’s upstairs, the kitchen is down, so it’s fairly often), we make a point to give the other a kiss on the way by. Maybe an hour ago, it was my turn to visit him and plant one on him.

The really memorable touch(es) happened earlier, when I gave him a haircut in the kitchen. I love running my hands through his super short hair, and gave him a mini back massage during a drink break. The whole experience is something we both really enjoy.

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@Bellatrix: I guess maybe it’s just my late-night writing taking over, or the disconnect in my head that has been taking over lately. (That moment walking into work and finding the object I thought was in my arms already on the counter… Yeah, I’m not doing well.)

I guess I just assumed people could remember the last time they had physical contact with another person was because it didn’t happen very often. The reason that popped into my head for this decline was that people were reluctant to touch because they were germ freaks (I know many people like this, who make it a point not to touch anyone outside of their immediate family, and then rarely.) So I guess I just have a disconnect in my brain. @Bellatrix and @Augustlan, you talk about your relationships with your husbands so sweetly! They certainly are lucky to be married to you! I guess I didn’t think of the intimate side of remembering touches.

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That’s okay @RandomGirl I can absolutely relate to that ‘late-night writing’ brain thing.

I know I can speak for @augustlan here because we have discussed this, we are both very lucky to have them. I hope you will have someone in your life whose touch is wonderfully memorable.

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Big hug and kiss from my Grandaughter about 4 hrs ago.
Kissed my wife goodnight about 2½ hrs ago then went out drinking with the boys.

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Today. I noticed a weird round, reddish dry patch on my arm yesterday. I asked a co-worker to look at it today, because I was convinced that it was cancer. He looked at it and rubbed it and suggested that it was a pre-cancerous lesion, having had pre-cancerous lesions freeze dried off before. I plan to make an appt. to get it looked at in the coming week. I was also kissed by a dog tonight.

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@Kardamom Keep us posted on that skin patch!

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@augustlan I will, thanks friend : )

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I hugged my puppy “to death” a while ago. I adore the little starlet!

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I get hugs and such from my 8 year old son and then at work when I am with the children I care for. They are so amazingly sweet and I just love my job.

If you mean touching in a sexual way… it has been months and months. (and I am a ‘married’ person, but I am finally putting an end to the marriage so there is that.)

I think I am actually looking forward to exploring the issue of dating again, although with some trepidation. I know that I am sexy and desirable, but being in a situation where that is addressed seems a bit scary to me right now because that whole topic has been ignored for so long. Stay tuned.

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I was sat on the floor at work this morning sorting out some letters into pigeon holes and a colleague patted me on the head as he walked past.

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@cazzie You’re damn right you are. And you deserve to be treated that way. I’m rooting for you!

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@Leanne1986 You must be very tolerant. If I did that to a woman I wouldn’t be surprised to get a fist to the groin.

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@Adirondackwannabe Some people are far too easily offended. He’s a good friend, someone who has known me and my family long before I started working here and I know it wasn’t meant in a condescending way, he was just joking around. I was sat cross legged like a little pixie!

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@Leanne1986 Okay, in that context I understand. My first thought was “that’s so condescending”. Good friends are always nice.

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When I first read this question my answer was that the person squeezed next to me on the train was touching my elbow. Damn! I was reading about kisses and hugs and all that and here I was just wedged in and coping with it. I was surprised to read that so many people have so little touching. I both love and hate the crowded touching that results from urban living. Is there anyone else out there who can relate??? Every morning I kiss my husband good bye and I kept plenty of physical affection and touching. But I wonder now about the whole thing of non personal touching. Does it count? Do we not even notice it?

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I possibly wouldn’t notice a brief touch @Earthgirl but being squished up against a stranger or that inappropriately long touch from someone you are not intimate with, yes and it isn’t pleasant. It’s all about our ‘personal space comfort zone’. I have read research (no idea where I read it now) that said country people have much smaller comfort zones than city folk. Which sort of makes sense because in cities we are thrown in amongst other people much more.

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@Bellatrix It’s pretty much a daily part of life for me so I don’t even count it but sometimes I hate it when it is thigh touching thigh and its a man next to me. If I really feel bothered by someone squishing in on the subway seat I move. Usually it’s not necessary because even in crowded conditions New Yorkers tend to respect personal space.

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It’s been a couple years.

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My daughter jumped on me to wake me up

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@Symbeline You really should come to Mexico XD

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My wife and I have been unable to visit one another since our only car died. Its been about two months.

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I’ve been groping hot nerds all weekend. Ah, Renn Faire, how I have missed you.

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Hugged my grandmother a few hours ago.
And Cyanide is cuddling with me, if cats count :)

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“Toucha, toucha, toucha, touch me!
I wanna be dirty!”

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Every morning my husband kisses me before he leaves for work and my daughter gives me a big hug before she leaves for school.

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@jonsblond Treasure – and I know you do – the time when your family is around you.

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This will sound pathetic, but last Sunday, a friend came up and was talking to me, and started rubbing my back. It was only for maybe a minute, but I am so starved for physical touch from anyone, I barely heard the rest of what they were saying.

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I have to add to this thread again about how awesome it is working with children and how sweet it is and special I feel when they take my hand or give me a hug. Just the pure love and joy of a child…. there really is nothing else like it in the whole world. I get to watch them sleep when I am on ‘nap duty’ and I just smile at their beautiful, sleeping faces. The smiles they give me every day are a treasure and the crazy thing is… I get paid for sharing in their lives. Amazing. Life is good.

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